It is very important to know the difference between website and virtual store to define in which format is worth more for your type of business. Read some tips on the Fresh Lab blog!

That the internet is an excellent sourceĀ Democratic Donor Email Lists of potential customers for almost every kind of business is no longer new to anyone. Now, when it comes to defining the best way to present your products or services online, you need to go a little bit beyond the basics.

Today we are going to talk about some differences between website and virtual store that can help you clarify some doubts about what is better. However, when it comes to doing business on the internet, whether you have a website or a store , you need to think first and foremost about the mobile experience of visitors.

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When you decide to create an online project, think first about the people who are going to access your mobile. This is very important! What often happens is the website is beautiful designed on the desktop but a cold or incomplete version on the mobile. We need to get back more and more to people who are accessing our mobile device information.

Understood the issue of mobile, let’s talk about the differences!

Difference between website and virtual store
In general, we can describe sites as addresses where people consume information and can make requests. Ex: fill in registrations, submit orders on forms or make another contact online with the company. The sites can also be useful for companies that offer product catalogs on the site.

The online store, in turn, is still a site, with the difference that its features allow people to make purchases and payments online. Even if you do not deliver physical products, if someone can make a purchase on the site without human interaction, we understand that this is a virtual store structure.

To inform or sell, the sites must have a friendly, secure and responsive structure. One must also deliver quality content and offer a good experience for visitors.
Now that we understand the basic differences between website and virtual store, let’s leave some information about what you need to know before developing a website or a virtual store.

What to know before developing a website
Just having a website posted on the internet will not guarantee business-to-business generation. You need to invest in digital marketing in order for the site to be used in favor of your company.
Think about the contents of your website strategically. For example, if you make a website that has all the services of your company on the same page, it is virtually impossible for Google to know what exactly this page is. Therefore, we recommend that you create one page per product or service category. Thus, you will have several URL’s specific to your business.
Site need updates. It is important for Google to deliver the most relevant and most recent search result. Plan to insert at least one blog content per month on your company website.
Results on Google are from medium to long term. From six months to a year to generate better traffic results, already working with content publications on the blog.
What to know before developing a store
People need to trust your store before you buy. So worry about building a good digital reputation for your brand and grow organically on Google. No one is going to buy anything from a virtual store that has 100 tanned on Facebook, or 50 followers on Instagram.
You should think about the entire sales process. Is there a system that will be integrated into the store? Stock? Logistics? All this has to be very well formatted before even thinking about investing in the development of the store itself.
Above all, customer relationships are key. Use social networks in favor of your brand and interact with potential customers related to you.
You will need to invest in marketing, because just like websites, virtual stores do not sell by themselves. And for that you need planning, research and a good plan of action.
As a result, the generation of sales and online business is real, but still little explored by most companies. Probably, knowing which platform speaks best with your audience, it is possible to reach people who are likely to close with you.

Evaluate your market opportunity by conducting a competitor survey and summarizing what they are doing. If one of your competitors (or more) are already working with a virtual store, it is a signal to start maturing this idea and develop one as well.

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