How to make an Unsurpassed Curriculum Vitae in 2019 Guide Ebook

How to make an Unsurpassed Curriculum Vitae in 2019 Guide Ebook

In this guide you will find all the tools and resources you need to know how to make a Curriculum Vitae that makes you stand out.

Hundreds of curriculum vitaes arrive in a recruiter’s office, many of them with descriptions of similar experience and training. You have about 7 or 8 seconds of reading to Poland Email List get attention and create that inflection point that will make you a possible candidate. Your goal is to access the job interview.

In the race to apply for a job does not always win who has a better training or more experience. If you have not been able to make a good CV, you will probably stay dressed and not go to the party.

Your CV is your cover letter, that moment when you meet someone: they shake hands and look into each other’s eyes.

This article of more than 7,000 words aims to offer you a Practical Guide with tools and resources to make a Curriculum Vitae that puts in value your work resume before your possible recruiter and get a job appointment.

If you think that writing a good Curriculum Vitae is done in a plis plas, you have your doubts that a CV can open doors to improve your work situation but you will do it because someone asked you or others do it; or you want to have instant results … I mention something to you: I hope that this post will serve you to know that there are no good results if the process to reach them is mutilated.

I hope you find useful the Guide of How to make a Curriculum Vitae and I recommend you download this ebook where you will have access to additional content that will help you to get the best curriculum.

It is a 100-page ebook where I tell you all my secrets to optimize a curriculum vitae. In this ebook you will find tips, clues, errors, models, templates, examples and tools that will help you know how to make a resume that draws the attention of job seekers.

You will also find a Checklist to optimize your CV – check if your CV is indeed ready to be sent with these 28 questions.

As well as I tell you how to make a good copy writing and choose the best Keywords to make a good Curriculum Vitae.

Free and 100% Online Digital Marketing Course 365 Mkt Starts TODAY

Free and 100% Online Digital Marketing Course 365 Mkt Starts TODAY

The wait is over and finally this great training project that will train more than 10,000 people from different parts of the world begins. I am very happy with the interest generated by this free digital marketing course,  and very surprised by the quality of the courses sent by the 46 professors who are part of the soul of 365 Mkt, and what logically this course is possible thanks to them, to your effort and enthusiasm to transmit all your experience and knowledge.

n the last weeks 2 professors and friends have been incorporated that I esteem and admire; First my friend  Dean Romero , who will be part of Module 2 SEO part 2 and that will talk about “How to find niches of high traffic and low competition” , a very interesting topic New Zealand Email Lists to get traffic in a short time, how to miss it! !, and in second Rubén Alonso , that I am delighted to join this project and that will talk about ” How to sell infoproductos from your blog” , a very important part so that we learn to monetize all that traffic that we are getting.

365 Mkt is a free course in Digital Marketing , Social Media, Blogging and Personal Branding in Spanish where you can train for a whole year with 44 professionals from more than 8 different countries.

The course is divided into 12 modules with the aim that each student can choose only those subjects that he / she is most interested in studying.

Each week the students will receive a course by email, so that they can easily reconcile it with their work or other studies.

All the teachers of the course have produced a high quality content in text format that is accompanied by a very practical videotutorial of at least 20 minutes, so you can enjoy free of charge more than 50 hours of video course.

In the following image you will find the 12 modules and the teachers of the 365 Mkt course.

Thank you very much to each and every one of the teachers who have supported this third free training initiative and that aims to train thousands of people anywhere in the world.

I am frankly surprised by the quality of the courses you have taken, by all the effort and dedication to develop a material that will help many people.

Also thank the collaborating tools SEMrush , CPO Themes, Raiola Networks and Mailrelay for all their support and willingness to make this project a reality and put all the technical means to do so.

10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016 How to get quality links for your website or Blog

10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016 How to get quality links for your website or Blog

In this article I am going to explain the natural link building strategies that I am going to use in my Blog this 2016 and that have allowed me to  increase the domain authority from 28 to 45 in 1 year and a half , all achieved with effort and natural strategies to achieve high quality links.

The link Building may be one of the SEO factors that has changed the most in recent years, from an artificial link building and quantity that we made in the past, to a link Italy Email Lists building quality and natural in 2016 . All these changes have led to the arrival of the Penguin algorithm , which establishes a clear differentiation between natural and positive links, and those that are artificial and therefore are negative for any domain, and which can lead to the loss of organic visibility and even a greater penalty.

When we are beginners in SEO and we want to position our web project, the construction of links seems a complex issue and we have a million questions in the head, but to help you solve some of these questions I will indicate a series of very basic tips to make link building in a very natural way .

Since the arrival of Panda , a few years ago, I have always wondered if it is possible to make a good SEO only with generating content of value and quality, and the answer is depends, and of course this is true because we generate valuable content if we are not able to disseminate it well on the Internet, then it will be very difficult for us to obtain links from the blogs of other professionals in our sector.

According to  Rand Fishking , he tells us that it is possible but only in certain cases or scenarios, but we must bear in mind that only a quality content will not allow us to reach the first positions of a highly competitive term.

But before starting with the tips, I would like to analyze the growth of the links that I have pointed out in my Blog in recent years.

Google Panda to Exam Will the test pass your web page

Google Panda to Exam Will the test pass your web page

What is Google Panda? Where does the often repeated expression “create quality content to position in Google”? Or the idea that the longer a post is, the more possibilities it has to position?

All this rumor mill and much more poured every day Israel Email Lists in the blogosphere actually has its origin in Google Panda , undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the algorithm.

In a moment of SEO where almost everyone speaks “of the Penguin” and how soon it should be arriving many have forgotten the critical importance of Panda.

I talked about it a while ago in my blog and I think that understanding it is one of the most necessary things from an SEO point of view.

Because I am SEO and I have to understand the increase or decrease of the traffic of a web page and today Panda is one of the big responsible for these fluctuations of the traffic that we receive from Google.

Panda represents the part of the algorithm that is responsible for measuring the “content quality” factor of a web page, it affects us all constantly without most of us being aware of it because today Panda is running around year.

Years ago, shortly after its appearance in 2011, its impact on the rankings could be much more predictable because it announced each of its new updates , but now it has been integrated into the algorithm and runs constantly through each and every one of our pages.

The moment that Google announces a big Panda update everyone will talk about it again, but since that does not mean that every day “we suffer” the smallest updates, I found it interesting to write an article about it to understand how it works and be more prepared.

Panda affects you, you and me and all the people that have a blog or web of whatever kind.

It is responsible for subtracting traffic to your website in a generally gradual manner.

Has it ever happened to you that the more you publish more and more content, your Analytics graph seems stuck in a certain number that you can not upload?

It’s thanks to Panda.

Everyone, when we opened our blog and started to publish content, to have visitors and the first readers, social network traffic etc. we managed to reach a traffic figure per month, for example, say 30,000 visits.

Then the most natural thing and what happens to almost all of us is that we spent several months hovering around that number of traffic without going up or down clearly.

Google Panda has set that limit for your blog, based on the Quality Score that you have given to your page based on the content you publish and based on the generated user response.

Surely we will understand all this better with real examples.

Digital Marketing Day The Digital Marketing congress you were waiting for

Digital Marketing Day The Digital Marketing congress you were waiting for

DMD16 is a Digital Marketing Congress in Malaga that takes place on June 2 and has great national and international professionals who meet in this wonderful city. Why is Malaga wonderful and special to me? Very simple, 40 years ago, I opened my eyes for the first time in Malaga, and for me it always has a great symbolic value to visit this city, but it is the first time that I participate in a Digital Marketing Congress in Malaga.

Well, I was meeting with my friend José Gómez Ireland Email List Zorrilla in a meeting of Bloggers, and it was when he invited me and suggested that I was a speaker at this great marketing event, and in the process he also proposed it to my friend Luis M. Villanueva who was also present in this meeting. I remember a lot of Luis’ response to the invitation, and I quote:

“Is my friend Miguel going to the Congress? Then I am going”

As I will not love and appreciate Luis Villanueva!

Why should not you miss this Marketing congress in Malaga?

What I have told you before makes me think that sometimes we do not realize the great person behind any professional, or perhaps due to lack of time or other reasons, we do not always get to know, that is why we attend These digital marketing events in person is fantastic to chat and get to know the person behind each professional better.

I could also tell you that the congress is organized just a step away from the beach in Málaga, and that surely when you finish more than one you will surely want to take a dip on the beach.

Or the “bad” that we are going to spend in the little room that Jose is preparing with the VIP assistants and the speakers, that by the way, the price of this ticket that includes a private dinner with the speakers costs you the same as the Admission to any marketing event, so better impossible! 😉

Or how much you will learn from the speakers who meet at the event.