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There are basically two types of squeeze pages that you can create, the hard sell squeeze page and the build trust / introduction page.

Which squeeze page method should you use when you are building anĀ Business Email Database Free

Lets take a quick look at both types of pages.

The Hard-Sell Page:

If you already have subscribers on an email list, it is much easier to see a decent response from a hard sell landing page because your subscribers already know and trust you.

That is if you are communicating with your email list the correct way.

Many beginners to internet marketing see massive unsubscribes because they immediately start blasting out emails with offers to their new subscribers instead of sending emails with personal comments, free advice or training to build trust and establish a relationship with their readers.

This goes for landing pages that you send people to from your articles, forum posts, tweets, etc.

Hard-sell pages with headlines like: “Secret to”, “Buy this now”, & “my dog clicks my mouse and makes me $10,000 every 4 minutes”, are headlines people are becoming immune to. They also contain an almost never ending story full of comments to intrigue you and entice you to buy which is fine if the prospect already knows you.

Here is a much better squeeze page method to rapidly build you email list from new prospects that do not know you.

The Trust Building / Introduction Landing Page:

Your squeeze page needs to continue the discussion, in a round about way, that your reader was consuming in your article or forum post.

For example: if you were discussing 2 weight loss techniques in an article, on your landing page you would thank them for reading your article and ease them into your freebie offer which might contain 5 more weight loss tips.

You should then introduce yourself and include a picture of your smiling face right on the page. Placing the picture on the left side works the best!

Install one email capture form from your autoresponder service above your picture, just below your initial freebie offer.

Next make a personal comment to your reader right below your picture, then remind them of your freebie again and place a second email capture form below that.Canada Consumer Email List

Thank the reader one more time and you are done. Simple yet so effective.

This is such a powerful technique to build your email list rapidly because the reader has warmed up to you even more and your webpage is not trying to shove an offer down their throat.

This might be the best squeeze page creation method ever!

A really good squeeze page is just one method to…

build your email list. You need to be using the latest and greatest Email List Building [] techniques that are not used by everybody and their brother.

Being unique on the internet is the best way to very quick success!