Canada Address List

Canada Address List

Building your email list is often seen as the biggest challenge in email marketing, with many different routes to take. However, the real challenge is keeping your email list active canada address list and buying your products or offers, and is often left unmentioned.

1) Ask Them What They Want

One of the most under-rated methods of contacting your subscribers is giving them a quick survey about what content they’re looking for.

This not only gives you ideas for what to speak to your subscribers about next, but the action of asking your subscribers what THEY want shows them that you actually care about their well-being and honestly want to help them out.

2) Build Relationships

As with any email marketing campaign, building relationships with your subscribers is key.

If your subscribers have built a trusting relationship with you, they’ll often be your lifetime customer and will therefore be an active subscriber for a much longer period of time compared to someone who dislikes seeing your email broadcast appearing in their inbox.

3) Keep Them Updated

What do friends do when contacting each other? They usually keep each other updated with their latest goings-on in their life. In an email marketing sense, this includes regular newsletters to your subscribers about what you’ve been up to, any information about the industry which may benefit them, or even anything you have planned for the future.

4) Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s a well known fact that as mailing lists age over time, so do the open rates and click-through rates of your email broadcasts.

Therefore, you should always remove inactive email addresses from your mailing list every six months or so to keep your open rates realistic. This is usually done from inside your mailing list service (such as AWeber) by searching for subscribers who haven’t opened an email from you within a set period of time. For this, I recommend a period of 3 months if you mail out to your subscribers on a daily basis.Canada Consumer Email List

5) Give Them Valuable Content

Everybody likes to receive free gifts – especially in a competitive niche with lots of selling happening on a daily basis.

Therefore, the best and most effective tip for keeping your email subscribers active is to give them valuable information such as reports, videos, and even related articles.

However, be careful not to overdo it with giving out free content, otherwise your subscribers will be conditioned into believing that they don’t actually need your paid content at all (meaning a distinct lack of sales for you). The key here is to find an equal balance.

In conclusion, always keep your email list active and your subscribers aware of yourself and your newsletter, otherwise all of your hard work used to build your list to begin with will be undone.