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Why build a list when you can get thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook fans?

My teenage children used to always use email or AOL instant chat to communicate with each other. Nowadays the only email they have is the one they used to sign up to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Almost exclusively they use these two social networking sites to interact with each other. The other main communication tool is their cell phone.

So why build an email list when most people seem to be using social media sites?

5 Reasons to Build an Email List

1. Business owners prefer email

Even though many business owners have incorporated social media into their websites they still use email to build a list of customers so they can stay in touch with them. Not many people will save a tweet but many will save an email.

2. Control

Social media sites are not under your control. If Twitter or Facebook change their rules or shut down you would lose all your followers and/or fans. Once people are on your email list you can follow-up on them by offering new content and products. Invite visitors from your social media websites to join your list so you’ll have customers for┬ácanada business database life.

3. Follow-up on customers

More sales are generated following up on your customers than on first contact. If you use a sequential corespondent you can not only build a list but automatically follow-up on your customers by sending sequential emails at rescheduled times. This enables you to build a relationship with them by delivering great content. They will then be more open to your product recommendations.

4. No need to rely on other marketing techniques

A responsive email list will generate sales faster than many other methods because you’ve established relationships with the people on your list. For example you can’t always rely on high rankings to generate sales. If a search engine changes their ranking formula or your competitors outrank you you’ll lose your top rankings which results in lost sales. An email list is not dependent on changing formulas.

5. Generate sales on autopilotCanada Business Email Lists

Most professional autoresponder services allow an unlimited number of subscribers and an unlimited number of transponders. Create a separate autoresponder for prospects (people who haven’t bought anything) and one for buyers. Write at least 7 follow-up messages for prospects in the beginning then continue to contact them every 2 weeks (consider a newsletter). You never know when they’ll be ready to buy.

Buyers tend to buy again because they have already shown they trust you enough to open their wallets. Create a series of follow-up emails containing tips, latest news and offer related products for them to purchase. The longer they stay on your list the more sales you’ll generate.

You absolutely need a list if you want to build relationships with your customers and sell products on autopilot. Use social media websites to help build your list. The larger your list the more money you’ll make.