Canada Email List

Canada Email List

The one big factor for those involved in internet marketing is the requirement to continually attract sign ups to your opt in email list. There are many different methods to utilise in order to achieve this, though one proven technique should not be missed just because it may appear at first to contradict what you are trying to ultimately achieve.

One of the best email list building tactics that is proven to work is for you to canada email list give away, that is right, give away one of your products for free. The visitor to your website or blog can download this report or eBook or audio or whatever it is for free. But the bonus for you is, in return for this free resource, they must first sign up to your list. Don’t dismiss the power of giving something away for free. Never underestimate the power of the word “free” as its use can be very rewarding for you.

The concept of giving something away for free as a taster is not new. In many supermarkets or food stores there is often a little free sample for you to try of some foodstuff that they are promoting. You take it, taste it and like it. The effect of this is to then make you take the action and buy some. A similar principle can be undertaken for your niche internet based business business. Provide the visitor with a resource that is both helpful and gives them a taster of your products to help them progress. But to gain further enjoyment and learning they will have to keep receiving your emails and buy the products offered.

The resource that is available for free can cost nothing to produce as it can be a digital product. Write a short report, convert it into a pdf document and then you have a product to give away. The same goes for an audio where you can use free recording software. Any cost involved will be in time rather than money. And you can monetise the free gift by putting in links to recommended products that will assist the reader.

Another great benefit of creating this free gift is that you can allow the recipient to pass it on to others. This is known as viral marketing. Though the recipient will not have automatically signed up to your email list, there is a high chance they will visit your website for more information and sign up or perhaps click on a product link and you will be rewarded with a sale.

Don’t forget that the free resource must be on topic and offers real value. The gift should be something that you could sell if offered as a standalone product. Is something is given away for free that is of little value, then what encouragement is there to believe that your paid for products are much better quality? Remember, first impression count especially when offering something for free. Load it with value, make it full of excellent and useful information and the person, who is now one of your email list members, will then be willing to listen to what you have to say.Canada Business Email Lists

So if you want to boost the number of sign ups to your opt in email list, make sure you are giving something of real quality away for free with the result being that you are rewarded with a growing email list of members who will, with good nurturing, become loyal followers.