Designing Digital Marketing actions for Party Costume Rental Stores is to use the internet in favor of your venture. The search for the ideal dress is long and the internet is the Fronk Oil Mailing Address main tool for these decisive moments in the life of its ideal clients.

Situations that require rental of clothing, such as graduations or weddings, need to be planned in advance. Brides, debutantes, bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests have the internet as an indispensable ally to find the best look for any occasion.

If you are in this field of action, we are putting down various digital marketing tips to attract new customers to your party clothing rental store. Do not leave without leaving your comment than you found the tips at the end of this content! Come on?

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Digital Marketing for Party Costume Rental Stores
First of all, start by conducting a competitor analysis to find out which network to act on. Just do some research on Google to find what your competitors are doing, on what channels and even what their sponsored campaigns are.

If you have a physical store …
If you serve customers in your home …
If you serve customers in their house …
The internet is an excellent tool to participate in the decision-making cycle of your customers. If you already work in the holiday clothing business, you know what it’s like to serve this type of customer.

The costume rental market caters to people who are often fulfilling some personal dream. Therefore, those who work with this type of service need to make a web around the clients on the internet. Give answers, inspirations and whatever else the client finds necessary before making your buying decision.

It does not matter much what your attendance format is, as all brides and newcomers currently use the internet from the very first day of party planning, often even before. You need to invest in a consistent digital presence and bring relevant results to users when they are searching for answers. See below for some assertive channels for your digital marketing strategy for party clothing rental stores.

Google Ads
Advertising on Google is one of the easiest and quickest ways to talk to customers who are actively pursuing what you offer. The Search and Display Networks are paid ads that require you to have a good landing page for your audience.

More noteworthy, the most recommended is that you have a website to direct visitors. In addition, this page must be mobile-friendly.

Certainly one can not think of digital marketing without considering the experience of users on mobile devices.

On the Search Network, you can set up campaigns that display text ads when people are actively searching for the service on Google. The Display Network, also by Google, allows graphic banners to be displayed on sites related to the user’s history.

Likewise, if we target people who are searching for wedding dresses. We can display our banners for her even on competing sites.

Google Ads is one of the most assertive ways to win customers and budget requests on your website. If your party clothing store still does not have a website, you can consider developing one or else use social networks to publicize your work.

Today Instagram is one of the most effective media to win customers who are learning and discovering. Brides and debutantes are actively on Instagram looking for the perfect dress model. The search for inspirations is also intense in this channel. Your store must have active presence and always respond to your visitors.

Similarly, working with publications from other inspiration profiles can also help you gain more engagement.

The secret to success on Instagram is to grow naturally and organically. This means that every successful company in its marketing on Instagram does not buy followers. The interactions, comments and activity on the platform are spontaneous.

Since the holiday clothing rental business is very popular with women’s dreams, you also have to worry about the aesthetics of your feed and give a good visual experience to new people who visit your profile. Working with featured featured stories also gives a more professional touch to this channel to your store.

In addition, Instagram will also be useful if you need to reach people within range. Your paid campaigns have this option on promotions, right in the app. Is it worth investing 50 Reals per week to attract new people to your profile?

In short, the Insta is an indispensable tool. Do not forget to caprichar VERY in the photos. This is a basic requirement to have a success profile on Instagram.

For those who have more time and practice, Pinterest is an incredible tool for brides who look for inspiration on the internet.

Of course, what we recommend for this type of marketing is the creation of a profile for the store and food with a lot of relevant content.



A responsive website is designed to fit any type of resolution without distortion. The design identifies the width of each device, the available space, and how the page will be displayed. The site also adjusts dimensions of images, fonts and Buy Bitcoin Email Leads other elements so they are not disproportionate. Want to know more? Continue reading this post!

Connectivity facilitated
Are you now reading from a computer, tablet or cell phone? Surfing the internet is becoming more diverse and any of these options is possible. Currently, just pick up the cell phone and pronto, we are connected. Without any difficulty, we are already online.

Look around you, at your office, at the bus stop, at the mall food court, at the beach, at the café, anywhere. Someone must have a cell phone in hand, right? It is such common behavior that it is impossible not to think about how it can influence your business.

Buy Bitcoin Email Leads

At the same time, a detail needs to be remembered. Most of these people are browsing or apps or mobile-friendly sites. So we need to make our business handy too.

Do you know that website you open on your phone and the screen is even adjusted, but with letters so small that you need to zoom in to read? So this is not a responsive site.

Responsive sites are intelligently designed to be adapted to any type of resolution without distortion. A responsive design identifies the width of each device and thus determines how much space is available. In addition, it defines how the page will be displayed so that these spaces are fully exploited. It also adjusts the image dimensions of the fonts and other elements of a page so they are not disproportionate.

In very practical terms, it is that site that, with the same layout, fits perfectly to any resolution in a harmonic way. In this way, it manages to pass the same reading experience to the user, regardless of the device being accessed.

Another common confusion happens between responsive sites and the mobile version of a site. There are differences between these two models, as we will see below.

Responsive site X mobile version
Responsive is the entire website designed to be tailored to any type of screen. It is a single code structure that works in different resolutions.

A mobile template is a bit different: it’s a second site, specially made to open on certain types of devices.

Is your site adapted to be viewed on all types of devices? Do you have visitors who connect to you on the desktop or on your mobile phone or tablet? How about start building a responsive website right now? Access our website and make a budget!

Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

The Maslow Pyramid is a classic of Marketing, but do you really know its meaning? Today we tell you what it is and how to use this theory in your Online Marketing strategy. The idea is to help you better know your target audience to differentiate yourself, segment well and plan your content much better. Founder Email Database

estibaliz the rizos2 Hello, I’m Estibaliz. Today I collaborate on the blog to tell you about the Maslow Pyramid that you surely know but not adapted to social networks. I hope it helps you and that you can apply the tips to your online strategy.

The Maslow Pyramid is named for its creator, Abraham Maslow and to define his idea was inspired by his work “A theory of human motivation” in 1934. His theory is based on organizing from the bottom up the rational needs of the consumer, that is, you can see how a person prioritizes the needs you have to get to feel fulfilled. That’s where its importance lies.Founder Email Database

And what role do companies, bloggers and Community Managers play in all this? Well, brands must meet the needs of people and for that they must know better those needs and how a person prioritizes them. Thanks to this we can establish very defined strategies to reach the customer.

Ecommerce SolutionsDebate and Maslow’s Pyramid:
Do needs exist or are created?
It is obvious that the needs already exist, we all have needs to satisfy, whether you are a person or a company, but the truth is that with the technological and social development, I think there are needs that have been created in some way.

How many things do we buy ourselves by letting ourselves be carried away by a “whim”? Did you really need that ipod when you have an MP4 where to listen to your music? Did you need to have 3 or 4 sports of the same brand but of a different color? Do you need to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant 3 or 4 times a week? I do not think so.

Speaking from my own experience, I have bought many things that I do not need, that do not satisfy any of the phases that make up the Maslow Pyramid but that calm my desire for consumerism. I think this, to a greater or lesser extent, happens to all of us, right?

Do all brands know how to create needs?
The reality is that no and the market, full of supply and demand, teaches us that you must be very good at creating a supposed need to someone.

maslow pyramid cosumismoEso yes, some brands have achieved it and it works like a charm. Nintendo, Samsung, Mc Donals, Amazon, Coca Cola, Inditex … have made people move from consuming them out of necessity, to consume them capriciously in an excessive way.

See the case of Apple in the world. Do you really need to have the new iphone that you take out every year? What need satisfies that you buy an iphone by season? Any. And feeling “cool” does not fall within the needs organized by The Pyramid of Maslow.

Real needs vs purchase impulse
A brand must know well what are the real needs of a person and what are simply mere whims that arise from the crazy feeling of consuming a brand that has renown and status, which is known as “desire for possession”.

In fact, the brand “does not care” why they consume it, whether it is by caprice or by necessity, what interests them is that they buy it. But it is very important to distinguish any of these cases because it will not be the same strategy that leads to a product designed to satisfy a need, than another destined to awaken that impulse “crazy” purchase.

50 best WordPress plugins in 2019

50 best WordPress plugins in 2019

How to install plugins in WordPress

There are 3 ways to install plugins in WordPress and I describe them below:

1.- Performing a search from our WordPress.

upload wordpress plugin

2.- Uploading a WordPress plugin that we have previously downloaded.

If you look at the previous capture, at the top you have a “Upload plugin” button, which will allow you to upload a plugin you have previously downloaded to your WordPress. Remember to only download wordpress plugins from official and contrasted sites and thus avoid taking a bad experience.

3.- Through ftp.

I recommend you use Filezilla, it’s a free program and you can upload a plugin to your WordPress with just drag. There is another way a little more professional, which is using the ftp of our hosting and zip all the plugins folders and then decompress it, so we can upload many plugins in a few seconds.

Breaking myths about WordPress plugins

One of the most repeated myths and errors in a blog is to think that we should install a small number of WordPress plugins to ensure a very fast upload speed, but it is NOT true. This is so because each plugin has a different loading speed Poland B2B Email Lists, being able to be a plugin slower than the sum of 10 plugins, or for example that we have the bad luck to choose a plugin that is not well programmed and has an error that generates a infinite loop, which can cause the loading speed to be reduced. In my case, I use 32 WordPress plugins, you heard correctly, 32, you can see it in the following image capture that I just made of my Blog .

plugins wordpress blog

To show you this, what I have done is to test my blog’s upload speed to see how it affects the one with 32 plugins installed.

speed upload blog

As you can see in the image, the page speed of the Blog is 87/100, a score that is highly optimized and that has a clear impact on a better web positioning of the entire Blog.

Good practices about WordPress plugins

1.- Never install a plugin that has not been updated for a long time

If you install WordPress plugins that have not been updated for a long time, you will be generating a security problem, since we do not know for sure if the plugin has any vulnerability that some malicious person can access to our Blog.

2.- Always update to the latest version

We must always have updated the version of each and every one of our plugins, but before updating a plugin always remember to make a backup, so that in case of problem or incompatibility, you can undo the change.

3.- Update the plugins always one by one

It is always convenient to install wordpress plugins one at a time so that in case of failure or incompatibility it is much easier to identify the cause or the cause.

4.- Do not install plugins that you have not downloaded from official or trusted sites

At present, and although it is very sad for the blogger world, thousands of altered plugins circulate on the Internet and contain malicious scripts, with the aim of opening a back door to the person who created the malware, and to be able to access and make the changes that you want in your Blog, as if it were the administrator itself.

5.- It correctly configures all the plugins

The vast majority of plugins need us to devote a few minutes to configure it correctly, so do not fall into the error of thinking that installing and activating the word press plugin is all done. Now we start with the list of the best plugins so you can get the most out of your WordPress Blog.

Best WordPress Plugins 2019

Best plugins for WordPress for SEO

yoo seoWordPress SEO by Yoast

It is the most essential and basic wordpress plugin for any Blog , as well as one could say that it is a multi-plugin, since there are many plugins in one.

This plugin serves mainly so that we can edit the HTML tags for the SEO On Page of each of the pages of the web. Yoast SEO will also provide us with a series of tips related to the SEO On Page of each of the pages, as well as creating the sitemap of the web and others.


  • Optimization On Page.
  • Legibility of contents.
  • Configuring robots.txt


related postRelated Post for WordPress

This plugin will allow you to add a bar at the bottom of each article with related posts, with the aim of increasing visits and improving SEO .

It is WordPress plugin very easy to set up and start up , you just have to decide the visual aspect and the number of related post that you want to show Online Shopping.
8 Platforms to create a free blog or a free web page

8 Platforms to create a free blog or a free web page

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On October 30 begins the 4th edition of the mentoring course, with new teachers, new content and the same philosophy, help you promote a project on the Internet in the hands of great mentors. We have only 40 seats for this new edition

mentoring course

How to create a free blog or make a free web page

Creating a free blog is easier than you can imagine and in a matter of a few minutes you can have it operational.

Virtually all platforms to create a free blog work in the same way Scotland Email Lists.

For example, in the case of you only have to follow 4 steps:

  1. Answer a series of questions about your new blog.
  2. Choose the name you will have.
  3. Select a type of plan.
  4. Indicate your email, username and password.
  5. Verify your account

And that’s it, we would only have needed 5 steps to create a free blog.

Can there be something simpler?

Well, before mentioning the best pages to make a free blog I’m going to give you a series of reasons why I consider it a good thing to do it, but also a series of inconveniences.

I would also like you to leave a comment at the end of the article if you are hesitating between opening a free blog or a paid one.

Types of free blogs that you can create

First of all I would like to explain the different types of blogs that exist for you to take into account.

This step is fundamental and is something that few people take into account when starting their journey in blogging.

You must know with what objective you want to create your blog.

Depending on your goal, the content strategy for a blog varies in all its phases.

So, first of all, think about what purpose you want to do it for.

Personal brand blog

We are many people who decided to create a blog to improve our personal brand and get a job or better salary conditions.

The curriculum vitae as we know it now is changing.

Nowadays, not so much importance is given to the titles but to the abilities of each person.

And what better way to demonstrate your knowledge in your blog?

Surely that’s why parts with a certain advantage than other possible candidates.

Company blog

More and more companies have realized that a blog is a fundamental weapon to gain visibility and a community of fans around.

If you know how to make a good content strategy, not only will you get more visits, but you will also be able to gain subscribers to transform them later into clients.

Niche blog

Other people decide to create a free blog and make money thanks to the niches.

They are blogs specialized in different topics in which the profits come in large part thanks to the income from advertising.

Advantages of creating a free blog

If you are still thinking if opening a free blog is a good or bad option, I am going to tell you about the advantages that I think you could benefit from.

1. It’s free.

Obviously, the main advantage is that you will be able to make a blog on the internet totally free. Without costing you a euro.

2. The configuration is very simple.

If you have read the beginning of the article you will have seen that it does not have much complexity, anyone can do it so you do not need any kind of knowledge.

3. You will learn day by day.

The fact of having to write articles will make us consult different sources of information to validate data and with this we are in continuous training.

4. You will get better writing

The fact of having to read so many articles is also going to make our reading, comprehension and writing skills improve in our day to day.

In addition, it may be that at the beginning it is difficult for you to write, but I am sure that with time you will do it more and more fluidly.

5. You can always switch to a payment option.

Do not think that by making a website for free you are going to have to always stay with it.

If in the future you decide to opt for a more professional platform you will also be able to transfer your project.

Disadvantages of creating a free blog

Of course, do not think that everything is pink, because although after you are going to name the best pages to create a free blog you also have to take into account a series of drawbacks.

1. Scarce customization options

If you are one of the people who like to personalize everything, I am sorry to tell you that in this case you will be able to change very few elements.

2. Slower growth

The great disadvantage that I see is that if you really want to take your project seriously you will grow more slowly than if you start with a professional website.

3. Expensive migration

If one day you decide to move your blog for free to a payment platform you should know that you have to make a migration.

And there, if you are going to need more technical knowledge.

So if you’re really going to take your project seriously, let me tell you that choosing any platform to create a free blog is a serious mistake.

8 Best platforms to create a free blog in 2018

Now that we have seen the different types that exist and what are the different advantages and disadvantages of starting your project in this way, we can now see the best pages to create a free blog


WordPress is the most used and most successful content manager today, so it is the first platform to create a free blog that I recommend.

Of course, you do not have to confuse yourself with (which is paid, although it is really the option that I recommend and then I will explain why.

That said, let’s see the 6 steps to create a free web page or free blog in WordPress:

First of all you must go to this page here and choose the free plan.

How to create a free blog in WordPress

Then you only have to follow the instructions:

  • Step 1. We answer the questions about what our blog will be about.
  • Step 2. We choose our domain name (select the free option)
  • Step 3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Step 4. Indicate your email, username and password.
  • Step 5. Confirm your email.
  • Step 6. Configure and customize your new website to your liking.

If you have any questions here we leave you also a video tutorial that you can follow.

Video tutorial to create a Free Blog with WordPress

2. Wix

Wix is ​​a good alternative to create a free and easy blog.

It is very intuitive to manage and also allows many customization options to leave the blog to your liking.

Although as an inconvenience I would like to emphasize that:They are usually websites with a high load time It is somewhat complex to migrate to WordPress if you want to do so in the future.

Steps to make a free web page with Wix:

Step 1. We must create our account with our email. You can also register from Facebook.Step 2. We select the type of web page that we want to create among the following options:Deal.Online store.Music.Design.Blog.Beauty and well-being Portfolios and CV’s. Events Photography. Restaurant and food. Lodging. Others. Step 3. Choice of the template. Steps 4. Edit and update the information of your new page. Step 5. Once we have our list ready, we can click on the publish button.

Video Tutorial to make a free web page with Wix

If you want to go deeper, here is a tutorial that explains this platform in a very detailed way.


3. Create a blog on Blogger

One of the best-known programs to create free web pages in Spanish is Blogger.

Many of the bloggers who start with their project and do not have much technical knowledge or budget start with this option.

In addition, among its advantages we could also highlight that you can connect it with Google Analytics and you can also add advertisements in Adsense.

Steps to make a personal blog for free with blogger:

Access your web page .Open an account in gmail and log in. Indicate the title, your domain (address) and choose the subject. Configure it and create the necessary pages. If you have any questions, here you can see a tutorial to have no doubt.

Video Tutorial on how to create a Free Blog with Blogger


4. Medium

This is the most recent platform since it was founded in 2012 by the founders of Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It really is also considered as a social network, but it is also a platform to create a free blog. Also, if you like minimalism, it is an option to consider, because you only have to worry about writing. Here there are no sidebars, plugins, etc. It is a place to read and publish. Although as you have deduced, it also has its drawbacks, since customization options are scarce . Steps to open a free blog on Medium:

In the upper tab you will have to click on Sign in . Register with one of the options offered (Google, Twitter, Facebook or Email). Select the topic and authors that interest you most. Write your first publication.

5.- SITE123


Site 123 is a program to create free web pages that are really intuitive and very easy to use. As they say, you do not need design or programming skills, with the styles and designs that you already have, you can start. The operation is very easy: Step 1: Indicate the type of web Step 2: Select the template Step 3: You replace the content of the template with your own content. Step 4: Publish the web page. Here you have a video so you can see how intuitive this tool is.

Video tutorial on how to make a free web page in Spanish with SITE 123

Other platforms and programs to create free web pages or blogs

I have also wanted to compile another series of tools that you have to start your own project that may not be as well known but maybe they are more suited to what you are looking for.

6.- Weebly


With Weebly you can easily create a web page, a blog or an online store

Something that I find striking is that you can edit your website from any device, that is, it also has its own application for iPhone and Android.

Behind his back he already has more than 40 million people around the world who use their services, so it is a sign that users trust this platform.

Steps to create a blog or website for free with Weebly: 

Step 1.- Register. Step 2.- Choose between 3 types of pages; website, blog or store. Step 3.- Choose the topic that you like the most. Step 4.- Choose the domain you are going to use. Step 5. – Customize and shape your website. Step 6.- Publish your website.

7.- Jimdo

free platform to create a jimdo website

If you want to get started in the world of blogging and flipping, it can also be a good option to use Jimdo to create a free personal blog or your web page.

Of course, you must know that in its free version you are only going to have available: A subdomain. 500 MB of storage 2 GB of bandwidth.

In short, if you want to create a more complex project such as an online store or a more professional website, you will need to go to the paid version.

8.- Webnode


With Webnode you can even make a free web page with your own domain. Some of its characteristics are the following: It has hundreds of templates so you can create the web pages of your business or online store. More than 30 million people have created their website with Webnode. You can make totally responsive websites.

Better pages to create a free blog

Tips when choosing the best site to create a free blog

Finally, I would also like to give you a series of tips when choosing your platform.

Think that if you’re really going to take it seriously, it’s a more important decision than you can think.

1) Choose a quality hosting

Be careful with the hosting you choose.

Do not get carried away by television ads or the size of the company at the time of choosing it.

The most important thing in a hosting is to be effective, guarantee your service and when there is a problem, do not leave it “hanging”.

If you do not know what I’m talking about, I recommend you read this article by Rubén Alonso about 1and1 .

Choosing a free platform to create your first Blog or web page seems to me a more than valid solution, since tomorrow when the project starts generating many visits, you can migrate to a payment platform.

One aspect that you have to take into account is that the benefits offered by a free hosting are not comparable to those that a good payment hosting can offer you such as Raiola Networks , which is the hosting that my Blog uses, and of which I am frankly very happy with the performance and the results.

2) What is your goal?

Depending on your goal, there will also be platforms that best suit your needs.

For example, if you only want to write and tell your personal stories or anecdotes, with  Medium you can cover your desire to write.

If you are looking for more personalization  then you have to look for a more modular option like

Of course, your personalization options are also limited.

3) If you are serious, I do not recommend any of the pages to create a free blog

If you really are going to take your project with an ambitious perspective sincerely, I do not recommend any platform to create a free blog.

I recommend that you bet to create your project in and whenever you can hire a designer.

It is where I have created my project that is currently approaching one million monthly visits.

You will be able to customize all kinds of aspects and create a truly professional appearance.

Think it’s your cover letter, and we all like to go well dressed and groomed at our first date, right?

What is the best platform to create a free blog?

I always say that it is not good to make generalizations, that depending on our objective, the most recommendable option will be one or the other.

When I talk about this, the first car that normally any father gives to his son comes to mind.

This is usually a car with a few years and a few “kilometers above”, but it’s good that to get experience is super good, so why not do the same and start trying a free Blog?

But something important that you should know is that the migration from a free platform to a paid hosting is relatively simple, so all the work we have done is not going to be lost, which is fantastic.

I always recommend to start a hybrid option:  domain of payment and free hosting.

In this way we can buy a domain that is for example name +, and in the future we can change the hosting for one of payment Online Shopping.

Would you add another platform to create a free website or Blog?

Tell me your experience using a free hosting, either positive or negative, because what happened to you can be very useful for other users.

What is a Blogger? Is it a hobby or a profession?

What is a Blogger? Is it a hobby or a profession?

What is a Blogger?

Surely this question will have made my father a million times when I told him I wanted to be a blogger, because the truth is that it is difficult to define what a blogger is, perhaps a professional who loves reading, writing and personal growth and professional Switzerland Email Database.

Really a large number of professionals who start in the world of blogging do so out of passion or hobby, since not everyone who starts this journey does so from a profession perspective or as a tool or means to achieve a series of objectives.

In my case I will tell you what I did because I was passionate about writing about marketing and especially learn every day something more about digital marketing.

A blog has allowed me to grow, learn, meet great people and make my dream come true, create my own marketing training school.

Maybe you have another dream and other goals, but we’ll talk about them a little later, but never let anyone allow you to pursue your dreams.

Types of Blogger

There are as many types of bloggers as there are themes, sectors or professions that exist today, for example;

Fashion blogger, gastronomy blogger, marketing blogger, childcare blogger, and so on.

Some people define differences or types of bloggers based on what they use or what they use a blog, such as the following definition by type of blog:Personal or Brand. Corporate. Blog of an Online Store. Of niche.

You may also be interested:

Create a blog for free? Why you should not do it The importance of feedback in marketing and communication CSS and HTML codes for WordPress [+ tricks]. CSS colors to personalize your web page or blog


How is the daily life of a Blogger?

Surely the day to day of each professional will be different but something that if you have to know is to take with organization your tasks or routines as a professional blogging.Start by defining your work schedule . The organization is key and a fundamental part in the success or failure of a blog, so leave aside phrases like “a blogger never sleeps is like Batman”, not at all, is a person of flesh and blood and needs to have very organized and separated his professional life from the staff. Define the time you will devote to routine tasks. Such as answering emails, sharing things on social networks, reading and commenting on articles, etc. Estimated time: 1 to 2 hours. Decide the time you will invest in boosting your personal brand. Think for a moment, you just started with your blog, nobody knows you, you are invisible, so you have to break the egg and go out, and give a good boost to your personal brand.

Once you know how many hours you are going to invest in this new project, you will be able to design your marketing strategy.


What? Marketing? Why does a blogger need marketing?

The reason is very simple, marketing helps us to connect and create relationships with other people, it helps us to go further and to more corners, they are wings that allow you to go beyond physical barriers.

On the other hand you need to know the game rules of the different channels so you can play with your best cards.

Some people think that a blogger spends most of the time writing and it is not, it is so important to write how to communicate what you write, for which you must define a content strategy for your blog and design an editorial calendar.

What would you like to achieve? What are your goals?

Now it’s time to define what are the short, medium and long term goals that you hope to achieve with your new blog:

1.- Readers objective. Without readers there is no sense in blogging or writing, so think about how you can achieve a large reading community that reads and follows each of your content.

2.- Get or improve your work. A blog can be an excellent channel to demonstrate our expertise, if your case is to get a job in the short term, perhaps the blog is not the most appropriate tool, maybe it is connecting with the right people.

3.- Earn Money and live from your blog. A goal or a chimera? Making money with a blog is an achievable goal for many people but to be able to live on it, there are really very few who achieve it.

4.- Promote your personal brand. One of my favorite and most important goals, and for which I recommend to any professional. We all know that the personal brand has come to stay, so do not hide behind papers that are becoming less and less important.

5.- Create a profitable business. In the end, every project must have a business model that helps us create a profitable idea. In my case it was to dedicate myself to training, my true passion, and what is your true passion? What is that business that you have never dared to start up?

We have seen some objectives, but there are many more and within these objectives we must define variables and kpis that help us analyze the evolution and result of our actions.


What is a content strategy and an editorial calendar?

editorial calendar

Download the template in excel for free to create an editorial calendar

To achieve any objective requires a tactical plan that helps us to approach him, because these and other parts give us as a result of a content strategy, or in other words, to make a content strategy we will have to define objectives , kpis, channels, content plan or editorial, promotion plan, etc.

I have seen that sometimes there is a tendency to confuse a content strategy with a content plan or an editorial calendar. In an editorial calendar we define in a comprehensive manner the choice of content, but this choice must be motivated to achieve one or more objectives. So the editorial calendar is a part of the content strategy but by itself it does not make any sense and it does not have to be effective, if we talk about it from a conversion point of view.

I would also like to point out that an editorial calendar is much more than a document where we define a title and a publication date, let’s say that this is the beginning of an editorial calendar but not how it should be done. If you want to learn how to design a content strategy and an editorial calendar do not miss this complete article that I published very recently.


What is a tactical plan for a Blogger?

main kpi in marketing

If you think that a tactical plan is to make an editorial calendar of a blog you are very wrong.

If you think that taking an organization of the issues to be published is a guarantee that your blog will work, you are also very wrong.

An essential phase in any marketing strategy is to define a tactical plan, which is to define a project plan with all the actions you are going to carry out in each of the areas, both those of blogging itself and those related to other strategies such as those of SEO, Social Media or Personal Branding, for example.

A tactical plan in a blogger should:Promote the personal brand. Create relationships with other professionals in the sector. Promote the positioning of content in the Google search engine. Make it known to many people through social networks. Get a reading community. Increase the list of subscribers. Get sales, customers or conversions.

How can a blogger make money?

There are many effective ways to earn money by being a blogger;

1.- Adsense.

Adding the famous Google ads on your blog will help you make money and get a constant payment every month.


2.- Affiliation.

A very effective way to make money with a blog is through the affiliation or recommendation of products, courses or services through the blog.

3.- Course.

To me the launching of my course + mentoring allowed me to leave my work in the University and be able to live as a freelancer, it may seem a bit crazy to leave a fixed job to become autonomous, but let me tell you that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Now it opens the registration of the fourth edition of this course will begin on October 30th, so if your Internet project does not give you the desired results or just want to increase revenue you’re getting, I am convinced that I can HELP .

4.- Infoproduct.

A format that is widely used today by many bloggers and that consists of offering a fully recorded course, which makes it easier to automate and sell it but where live classes will not be done live as a normal course.

5.- Templates.

There are many bloggers who have found in the creation of templates a way to make money with a blog. Think for a moment about the number of templates we need and use every day to manage a project on the Internet, and perhaps it can be a good way to receive a cash inflow through the sale of templates.

6.- Ebook.

There are 2 effective ways to sell a digital book or ebook through the Internet;

1.- Publish it to Amazon in Kindle format. You will have more visibility but you will have to reduce the benefits of sales, but keep in mind that as a branding strategy to bring business to your brand through other products can also be very interesting.

2.- Sell it from your blog. There are many automatic plugins to do it I have finally decided to opt to use Woo commerce but removing the initial pages to add the order to the basket etc.


7.- Promoted Items.

Although I do not, if it is a very common practice in many blogs, where companies or products pay you to publish an article or review of a product.


8.- Sending by promoted email.

Undoubtedly, one way to avoid making money being a blogger, since we can promote both our own products and the products of other bloggers. There are different strategies for launching a product or service through email, called sales sequences, but I personally prefer to define my own strategy from scratch.


9.- Mentoring.

It is very important in the process of creating a project to have a mentor or guide to help you implement an effective marketing plan for your project and above all to make the least possible mistakes that help us achieve our goals in the project. as little time as possible.

10.-Webinar of payment.

This may seem contradictory but it is not, we always have the perception that a webinar has to be always free but it is not, in this case I will tell you how to make a paid webinar for a very small audience where you give a masterclass and Mentoring included during a specific period of time.

Is a blogger really a profession or just a hobby?

I’m not going to cheat you, it’s not easy for your blogging passion to become your profession and your way of earning a living.

I still remember the day I told my father that I wanted to be a blogger, the truth is he did not understand much of what I told him and logically he had great doubts and fears about the path he wanted to take, especially because he was used to the perception that a work in “normal” theory, was that when you worked in an external company or in an office.

I also remember my beginnings, really it was tremendously very hard, parties with many fears, you are alone and few people really give you a hand to help you with your project, but I was stubborn and I was stubborn, until one day I could leave my job in the University and I started a new way, a way where I wanted to live from the Marketing and Web brand that I had created a few years before, and I’m not going to tell you that it was an easy decision, but I could count on the support of my whole family and I was looking for a job that did not fill me up to dedicate myself to what I was really passionate about.

Yes, you can live on a blog and be your profession and your way of life, but it is a long, hard and very difficult path, difficult because you have to make many decisions in that way and the choice of each of them will be key to achieve our goal.


How many hours does a blogger work?

Many, I’m not going to deceive you, but I assure you that it is essential that you establish a schedule, just as if you were working in an office.

For example, I decided to promote my blog by dedicating 2 hours a day, since I worked 8 hours in University, and I did not have much time, but I sacrificed 2 hours of sleep so that neither my wife nor my son was harmed by this decision. Yes, I know that it is a difficult decision, but in life without work and a lot of effort it is difficult to achieve any goal that you set.

I know other bloggers who have managed to live this profession working 4 hours a day, 6 others and 8 others, I can tell you that I work now about 4 hours a day, only in the morning, because in my mind I was not only working and live what I like most, but also improve my quality of life and enjoy more of life, my family and those things that really have value.


Final Tips to Achieve Success by Blogger

1.- Organization. It is fundamental in daily life in a blog. Clearly define the hours you will spend each day and organize very well in what actions you spend your time.

2.- Define your objectives and KPIs. Without objectives your blog will be like a boat adrift.

3.- Design your tactical plan.Create a project plan and define and schedule all your actions.

4.- Frequency and constancy. It accustoms your audience both in frequency and in publication days, I for example always publish Monday or Friday.

5.- Boost your personal brand. The key is to let you know and connect with many professionals in your sector, I recommend you analyze what are the best blogs in your sector and publish a post in each and every one of them,

you can spend in 6 months of being completely unknown to be a very well known and recognized professional.

6.- Training. Keep in mind that if you compete with other professionals who have more training than you, you will be at a disadvantage. They will have more tools and resources to always be positioned in a better position than you Online Shopping.