Acting with digital marketing actions for churches can be one of the best ways to evangelize and attract new believers to your congregation. Here are some practical tips on the Fresh Lab blog.

Churches around the world are always on the lookout for new ways to attract members, regardless of denomination. Some believers may feel a bit embarrassed to devise marketing Direct Mail Marketing For Personal Injury strategies for this purpose, but make no mistake about it.

Churches can and should work with digital marketing with a focus on spreading their message, sharing relevant content and evangelism.
Digital Marketing for Churches
Below you will find some action tips and channels that can make all the difference in your church’s communication. You can execute them or from them to compose a ministry of communication. Come on?

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Having a Facebook page for your church is one of the first steps to connect with members and future believers. On the page you have several resources to promote the location of the meetings and programming. You also have the option to broadcast live worship services and celebrations.

Facebook is also an interesting medium for anyone who wants to invest in digital marketing for churches. In addition to being one of the most used social networks in Brazil, Facebook has a cost per reach lower than other networks used conventionally.

Remember that to achieve relevance, reach and results with Facebook you need to create a publication grid and fulfill them, because your digital presence depends on it.

This is also an excellent social network for anyone who wants to connect with other people. In this channel, you need to caprichar in the photos and hashtags that will be used. It is also necessary to have a daily presence, with publication of stories and relevant content.

Certainly there is much to be shared in this segment, which should also have a schedule of strategic posts and if possible scheduled so as not to risk losing important days of publications.

You can also partner with other people connected with your religion to help you spread important events in your church.

Blog contents
Do a Google search on any subject related to religion. This shows the importance of having a website prepared to answer relevant questions from your potential audience.

Inbound Marketing, also called Content Marketing , is a combination of several strategies that put your church’s blog or website in response to relevant questions on Google.

This work is a building of years. Just as in social networks it is necessary to establish a schedule of what is going to be published and not fail to post.

The main difference between content of social networks and a blog is that in social networks its content loses force with the passage of time. Already on the blog, or on your church website, the content gains strength over time. And that, my brother, makes all the difference!

Youtube is simply the second largest search engine in the world , behind only Google. Therefore, include in your digital marketing strategy for church a channel on that network. You will also have the chance to appear to people with questions regarding your faith.

People are looking for a lot of content on Youtube to stay hassle free. Questions related to churches and religion, myths and other questions that you can help answer.

Of course the content here will give a little more work, because the production of videos usually requires a greater dedication. But that is sure to make your message more incisive than just texts or images.

Content is the main attraction not only in digital marketing for church but also in hundreds of other segments. Use social networks and other digital tools in favor of spreading your message. Include your church in the digital environment!



If you feel you lack time to touch all the actions of Digital Marketing in your company. You want to have a high-end team and complete, but you can not have a sector of your Marketing List of RV Owners own. Outsourcing the tasks to an agency may be the solution.

Do you want to know why? Take a look:
An agency specializes in the subject and is able to operate the points that the company needs, according to its need. It mainly delivers different digital services.

In an agency, your brand would have access to a multidisciplinary team with expertise covering web design, seo, programming, web analytics, writing, designers, for a much more affordable value. Tools such as email marketing, social networking, SEO, website, blog, among others, can be part of your brand communication and promote various facets of your business. But, you must be wondering why so many tools. Imagine if your brand could reach its final consumer, presenting their differentials and still encouraging loyalty? It is. With well-structured digital marketing planning, at agencies that provide this range of services, it’s only success!

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Another point is that in terms of investment, hiring an agency can cost less than an internal team. So if your company is having difficulty finding ideal professionals or is still small and has little structure, hiring from an agency may be the ideal solution. This is because you have the knowledge necessary to design a digital marketing strategy along with your company. And put it into practice, in addition to providing several professionals from various segments.

Time saver, always! By delegating actions to the agency, you end up being freer to focus on your strategy. Having this support can help your team become more productive, or even prioritize other projects.

What are you waiting for?
Do not be afraid, after all hiring an agency will not keep you from what is being produced. Here at Fresh Lab, we work together with your company, using our experience to produce content and make the campaigns. In addition, we deliver reports with all the results obtained. Remember that the agency comes to facilitate you in the matter of time, as well as money and knowledge.

So, how about we talk more about how your business can grow as you get a digital arm for your brand? Contact us!



The term Black Hat SEO defines the set of non-legitimate techniques and actions to position your content in Google and in the rest of the search engines  Belgium small business owner lists  . These practices are usually penalized by the search engines themselves, so they are not advisable at all. In addition, everything you can think of to better position your content has probably already occurred to God Google.

Are there reasons to take a risk then? Probably not.

Similarly, it is worth knowing the most common practices of Black Hat SEO (SEO “black hat”) to avoid doing them. Here we detail them.



The keyword stuffing is a bad practice of adding the same keyword multiple times in the same text to position themselves for that content, increasing its density to such an extent that Google penalizes.

It is said that the same keyword should not have more than 15% density, a rather high percentage.

So, if you write an article and write the same keyword naturally, you will never exceed that percentage.

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One of the factors of positioning in search engines is the link of external pages to your website. If you have many external links, Google will interpret that your content is relevant to the user.

However, these links should be generated naturally, so, as you can imagine … Buying links is a penalized practice.

In fact, on April 24, 2012 Google updated its algorithm and introduced Google Penguin , whose purpose is to fight against low quality links and spam.


As the name implies, duplicate content in SEO refers to identical contents in the same website or different sites. Both practices are penalized, because Google believes that you are trying to position the content at all costs.


A “spider” is a program that analyzes all web pages constantly. Thanks to the spiders, our contents are indexed and then users can find them.

Knowing this, we can move on to another malpractice: create content that only spiders can read. An example? How about creating pages with a series of keywords related to the web itself?

Tempting, right? But do not do it because Google knows all (or almost all).


It is related to the previous practice. The doorway pages in SEO refer to the creation of pages that are loaded only 1 or 2 seconds and then redirected to another page. The user, obviously, does not have the material time to appreciate the content of the page, but the search engines do.

The grace of this technique is to add potential content to position. However, once again, Google detected this resource and penalized it.


The known in English as ” clocking content “, is nothing more than the hiding of content to better position certain keywords and achieve better results in SEO .

Two basic examples: write text of the same color as the background of the web page and add keywords behind an image. As you can see, the hidden content is not visible to humans either, but to spiders.


Someone once said that content is king . So, focus on creating good content and then spread it, because if the king is the content, the queen is its distribution. This is without a doubt the most viable way to get a good positioning for your website. And if you need a hand, as an online marketing agency in Barcelona we are here to help you.



The social network with the most users in the world, Facebook. Announced at the F8 conference  USA consumer email database  , which would ban the publication of content automatically by third-party applications in personal profiles as of August 1.


Yes. In any case, Facebook does not restrict the use of external applications in company pages , so as experts in online marketing , we must adapt to the new update if we want to continue using these applications.

The solution: change the personal profile to a business page. No more problems!

In this section we must emphasize the goal of Facebook behind all this situation, which is neither more nor less, than to separate the commercial use of personal accounts in order to offer a better user experience .

The new update means focusing on the focus of the look, the protection of privacy and the access of information to a.


While it is true that Facebook tries by all means to improve continuously. The interaction could not be out of the question. A more natural communication between users favors a healthier ecosystem. Therefore, Facebook wants to integrate buttons to share in publications , thus allowing a more human communication.

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Content programming companies like SocialGest have already been affected. Not in vain, have they been able to adapt to the latest changes, recommending all their clients to migrate their personal profile to a “fanpage”   

From now on, the management of new content on Facebook will be commercialized, provided that it is carried out according to the guidelines set by it.


We could not finish an article of social networks, without deserving of a small gift. Since we know that keeping in mind each date can generate confusion for a community manager. To keep things simple, we have created the Community Manager Calendar . Thus, you will have all important dates at hand at a glance. Enjoy it!

At Mediaclick, we know that social networks play a fundamental role when it comes to creating diffusion. Reason why we want to help you in your company, contact us , we will be delighted! 



Amazon has become, in its own right, one of the largest online sales platforms on the planet  USA business email database  . And not only for its extraordinarily wide catalog but for all the facilities it offers to third parties to sell their own products.

However, when we talk about selling, in this case our own products, we must take into account a number of aspects that can be decisive when it comes to increasing conversions.


Surely every company or company has its own needs. However, there are a number of guidelines that should be followed if you want to have a firm foundation.


In order to make a simile easy to understand, we can say that the Amazon search engine is something similar to Google . The algorithm of this takes into account a series of aspects of the product sheets that allow you to analyze which are the most relevant.

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Hence the importance of good design . A design that has to put a lot of emphasis on the following aspects.

  • The title should be short but descriptive.
  • The description must be as complete as possible (price, sizes, models, availability, etc.).
  • It must include any information that we consider of interest as media opinions or similar.


It has been shown that quality multimedia elements encourage potential customers to formalize the purchase . Among these elements we can highlight videos and photographs. In both cases they must be elements that visually behave in an excellent way.

Keep in mind that this type of support can offer information that through the text can be very tedious.


For a while now, there have been many digital marketing consultancies that have studied the influence of the opinions of buyers on the rest of people who want to make the same purchase.

In fact, the forums as well as the opinions and opinions in social networks are widely consulted before making a decision. This leads us to think that if the buyers of your products leave their opinion on the platform itself, a higher conversion rate will be obtained.

This can be achieved with a final message within the product file itself in which the buyer is encouraged to leave their opinion, reviews or their stars. A small gesture that can mean differentiating us from the competition in the short and medium term.


Amazon, currently, provides everything we need to generate sales. However, it never hurts to have additional support such as a web page of your own .

In it you may have the opportunity to offer information and data that you can not in Amazon’s own marketplace. In addition, it may even be a good place to re-emphasize the opinions of users.

And all with the added advantage that on your website you will be able to do a parallel positioning job . This work will allow you to place yourself in the first places of the SERPs and to be able to give a great amount of traffic to your products in Amazon.


You might think that the investment can be zero or minimal. To a certain extent this is true. Without a doubt. However, especially during the first months , period of time in which our product is not yet correctly positioned , you can always resort to a certain investment in advertising.

Currently there are platforms such as Google AdWords , or any of the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube , where you can get interesting results. It is true that you have to make an economic outlay but in the vast majority of cases it is necessary to publicize your product.

Some concepts that have been seen that can be implemented progressively. In fact, it may be that in some cases it is not necessary to carry them all into practice. That will always depend on the product that we have in hand and the terms that we have set in terms of volume of sales and profits.

About News Service for SEO expert course

About News Service for SEO expert course

SEO expert course

Alex Kai presents his SEO Expert Course

Web Positioning (or SEO ), more than a science, is an “art” that involves a lot of trial and error. There are too many people who “talk” about SEO  email list  , but who are not able to present proof that what they say really works. That is why it is important to have the guidance of people who have already done so and who have already reached where you want to go.

That is why I present the Course: “Expert in SEO”.

Have you seen how many courses, articles or ebooks are on the Internet that, after you study them, are the same or worse than before?

Well, let me tell you a little story:

When I decided to create this web positioning course, I searched for articles and videos that talked about SEO to see how much you could learn with the information that was already available for free on the Internet without having to take a course. What I found was, literally: SPIDER! First of all, what is most abundant is outdated information. Techniques and methods that worked 1 year ago (and in cases, much less than a year) that are now obsolete. That’s right, just a year later, much of what has been said about web positioning is no longer useful. On the other hand, much information that is on the Internet, is based on rumors, theories without foundation and above all, in speculation. Unless you have enough experience to know how to filter what does work from what does not work, you will find that,
Are you able to distinguish practical and updated information from theoretical rumors based on speculation?

There are two ways to learn how to position your pages and enjoy free traffic:

El Primero:  The search and selection of free information on the Internet to then “guess” what is useful and what is not, without being able to ask anyone if you are on the right track;

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The Second:  Follow step by step the indications of someone who has already positioned dozens of pages on the internet and who knows what works in 2011 and who will tell you what will actually give you results.

Which path do you prefer to take?

In this course “Expert in SEO” I will teach you STEP BY STEP all the techniques that I, Alex Kei, use to position my pages in the top positions of Google.

I recommend this SEO expert course, especially those who have just started in the impressive world of search engine optimization (SEO).