It is very important to know the difference between website and virtual store to define in which format is worth more for your type of business. Read some tips on the Fresh Lab blog!

That the internet is an excellent source Democratic Donor Email Lists of potential customers for almost every kind of business is no longer new to anyone. Now, when it comes to defining the best way to present your products or services online, you need to go a little bit beyond the basics.

Today we are going to talk about some differences between website and virtual store that can help you clarify some doubts about what is better. However, when it comes to doing business on the internet, whether you have a website or a store , you need to think first and foremost about the mobile experience of visitors.

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When you decide to create an online project, think first about the people who are going to access your mobile. This is very important! What often happens is the website is beautiful designed on the desktop but a cold or incomplete version on the mobile. We need to get back more and more to people who are accessing our mobile device information.

Understood the issue of mobile, let’s talk about the differences!

Difference between website and virtual store
In general, we can describe sites as addresses where people consume information and can make requests. Ex: fill in registrations, submit orders on forms or make another contact online with the company. The sites can also be useful for companies that offer product catalogs on the site.

The online store, in turn, is still a site, with the difference that its features allow people to make purchases and payments online. Even if you do not deliver physical products, if someone can make a purchase on the site without human interaction, we understand that this is a virtual store structure.

To inform or sell, the sites must have a friendly, secure and responsive structure. One must also deliver quality content and offer a good experience for visitors.
Now that we understand the basic differences between website and virtual store, let’s leave some information about what you need to know before developing a website or a virtual store.

What to know before developing a website
Just having a website posted on the internet will not guarantee business-to-business generation. You need to invest in digital marketing in order for the site to be used in favor of your company.
Think about the contents of your website strategically. For example, if you make a website that has all the services of your company on the same page, it is virtually impossible for Google to know what exactly this page is. Therefore, we recommend that you create one page per product or service category. Thus, you will have several URL’s specific to your business.
Site need updates. It is important for Google to deliver the most relevant and most recent search result. Plan to insert at least one blog content per month on your company website.
Results on Google are from medium to long term. From six months to a year to generate better traffic results, already working with content publications on the blog.
What to know before developing a store
People need to trust your store before you buy. So worry about building a good digital reputation for your brand and grow organically on Google. No one is going to buy anything from a virtual store that has 100 tanned on Facebook, or 50 followers on Instagram.
You should think about the entire sales process. Is there a system that will be integrated into the store? Stock? Logistics? All this has to be very well formatted before even thinking about investing in the development of the store itself.
Above all, customer relationships are key. Use social networks in favor of your brand and interact with potential customers related to you.
You will need to invest in marketing, because just like websites, virtual stores do not sell by themselves. And for that you need planning, research and a good plan of action.
As a result, the generation of sales and online business is real, but still little explored by most companies. Probably, knowing which platform speaks best with your audience, it is possible to reach people who are likely to close with you.

Evaluate your market opportunity by conducting a competitor survey and summarizing what they are doing. If one of your competitors (or more) are already working with a virtual store, it is a signal to start maturing this idea and develop one as well.

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Are you getting the results you need on Facebook? Not? So let us help you understand what is happening.

But before…
Ever wondered if social networking is the ideal medium for your business? Not yet? Despite the wide range of users nationwide and worldwide, Facebook is not necessarily Aged Medicare Supplement Leads the ideal investment of time and money for any segment.

Decided on the platform? This is the first step. Now we are going to the second: it is necessary to understand that it is not enough to publish only without other stimuli and analyzes. In other words, it is necessary to post on the correct days and times, the content that your target audience seeks, in the media in which it seeks and in the easiest format to be absorbed.

After all this market analysis, you need to outline the strategies. Even because organic actions work only long term and advertise on Facebook is not just about boosting the publication. It is necessary to have a strategy aligned with the steps of consumption and to make a good segmentation of the public. This way you will speak directly to those who have an interest in your offer. And all this with a value far more in account than outdoor, for example.

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But you know all this, do and still have no results?
You may not be seen by people who really understand the subject. And this is essential to achieve results. To help you get the expected return, you need to have your profession certified and experienced in the subject. For example, if your segment is older, it is not publishing to a group of mothers who will perform best. Of course you have a share of your target audience there, but the index is small.

And, all this, is analyzed in the planning. It’s much more than just posting. Good digital marketing planning identifies the characteristics of your segment, errors and competitors’ success, among other crucial factors to know what the behavior of your target audience is.

Let’s face it, all these activities are impossible for one person to do. Here, in this post, we explain why outsource your company’s digital marketing industry.

So whether we are speaking Greek to you or despaired just thinking about the amount of analysis and action: let’s optimize your time and stimulate your sales?

We at Fresh Lab have professionals specialized in social media and can bring effective results to your campaign. How about contacting us to find out how we can help you?

4 ways to use Twitter for social media activities

4 ways to use Twitter for social media activities

Using Twitter for commercial purposes requires special expertise. Companies are using this social network mainly in three ways: some inform the public about their activities and launches; others, on the other hand, only monitor the tweets that are related to them; and finally, others develop both strategies. buy youtube views

For the latter, especially, it is best to optimize your activity on Twitter, and thus achieve the greatest effectiveness in your promotional task. These are four tools to achieve it.


Initially, it is necessary to analyze which tweets have given us the best results with respect to the response generated among the people. Not all topics are suitable to share with the audience, therefore, tools such as Crowdbooster allow us to determine which tweets got the most outreach among the followers of our brand. Crowdbooster is a free tool used to measure the reach of tweets.


But what one communicates is as relevant as what, in the network, is said about our brand and products. Knowing the impression that is generated between the audience – determinant for the potential customers to which they aspire – is something feasible thanks to . This tool analyzes, in real time, the references that have been made in blogs, microblogs, forums and social networks about a brand, to determine if there is a negative perception. Filter this information according to the parameters that are required, is another of the alternatives offered by Socialmention.


 On many occasions, wanting to promote our brand on Twitter does not achieve the desired impact, due to the fact that the public’s attention is focused on other topics and news. To avoid this situation, it is convenient to use SocialFlow.Image result for buy youtube views

The companies upload their tweets to this platform and algorithmically monitors the communication trends on Twitter in real time, and automatically posts stored messages when it is the most appropriate time for them, according to the flow of references , mentions and contents. Thus, the audience capture and brand loyalty indexes are considerably increased.


As a complement to the previous tools, it is essential to use a resource such as . Just by providing the Twitter user name, this platform offers us measurements and advice about the influence, popularity, loyalty and trust generated by our activity in this microblogging and virtual socialization network.

A greater influence on Twitter will be the result of the effective application of tools and strategies like the ones mentioned above.

One of the biggest advantages of advertising through Facebook Ads is the segmented promotion that offers us to spread the most varied products or services. In fact, due to the huge number of users with this social network and the simplicity of its mechanics, Facebook Ads is emerging as a cost-effective option in terms of cost-benefit, to be known to a large number of Internet users , that is, to potential customers of our business.

The biggest advantage of Facebook Ads is related to the meticulous segmentation that it provides us to structure campaigns. With Facebook Ads you can program our ads to be visible only to users of this social network that meet certain criteria, for example, geographic location, socioeconomic profile or school level.

Where do we want to take users?

It is necessary, before setting up a Facebook Ads campaign, to determine to which web page the users of Facebook will be addressed through the announcements: it can be to the corporate website or the Facebook fan page of our business. The Facebook Ads programming process allows us to specify this point.

Next, it is very important to monitor the percentage of clicks obtained. Facebook rewards those Ads that get many clicks, reducing their cost per impression and giving them greater visibility .

Advertising strategies on Facebook

We must take into account the contacts of our followers on Facebook. In general, users are inclined to “like” a page from which their friends have already become fans.

However, this may affect the actual scope of the campaign. In such a way that, in the case of using the “connected friends” option, we should always measure the clicks obtained and the average of impressions, in order to vary the strategy according to the results obtained.

The “trial and error” dynamic is essential and each business has its own projection rhythms. Daily, as the ratio of clicks (CTR), cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) must be taken into account.

Another recommendation that we should know is to keep linked the accounts of those who administer the ads in Facebook of our firm, and is that, otherwise, with separate accounts will not be able to keep an accurate count of the results obtained in each campaign.

Finally, we must bear in mind that the more we invest in , the better promotion we will obtain, for example through the technical support received or the location of our ads.

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5 tools for social media equipment

5 tools for social media equipment

Union make force. And this popular maxim is also relevant for marketing and online promotion purposes. Due to the proliferation of blogs, social networks, microblogging platforms, and the public interested in them, covering this universe through an individual effort becomes increasingly complicated. buy youtube views

Therefore, teamwork in social media is essential, but properly organized and coordinated. Tools such as the ones mentioned below will make collective social media tasks more profitable.


Combining knowledge and functionality, the platform puts a comprehensive design within reach of social media teams to structure tools, manage accounts in social networks, measure results in the interest of the public and organize team work, as well as provide suggestions valuable about what to do in the day to day, in the promotion in social networks and other

undertaking online promotion activities, is that one can efficiently manage the same social network account, among several people. With MarketMeSuite, the above is possible, since it allows collective management of Twitter and Facebook accounts. exposes a history of conversations so that any member of the team can continue that line of communication on Twitter or Facebook.


Another excellent resource for social media group work is HelpScout. At a certain level of dissemination, managing emails addressed to a firm becomes very complex.

To solve this circumstance allows different members of a work team to respond through the same email address. Very practical is the option included in this tool, to categorize the emailsImage result for buy youtube views

TwitSprout and Buffer

Finally, two recommendations related to Twitter. The first is TwitSprout, an application to measure which tweets have had the most impact and echo among Internet users, and from that, to guide the collective work of a social media team, for example, giving more promotion to that member of the team that had better results in your time of promotion on Twitter, or ensuring that the other members of the team follow the line of the tweets that have offered the best results.

The second tool is Buffer, a platform that offers the possibility of programming in sending tweets, according to the needs of group collaboration that are handled. The graphs and measurements (number of clikcs, retweets, scope, etc.) about the sent tweets provided by , in addition, are especially useful to guide team work.

My friend Pedro, the most skeptical and disbelieving, condescends lately that being in social networks is a necessity for companies. “But only those that go to the final consumer, huh?” He says, while depositing his cane with two fingers on the bar. “For the rest is wasting time,” he asserts with some sufficiency.

On the way home I entertain myself by making dance the question that so many occupies on the razor’s edge of reason: should companies that sell to other companies (business to businessB2B) forget about social networks, sink of time and resources , and dedicate your efforts to something more productive? And this occurs to me:

  1. There is evidence, which is that any company has to be known. Before it was appearing in the yellow pages, Kompass and other general and sectorial directories. Today purchase decisions are made in front of the PC and, to be found and chosen, you have to be on the internet. On the one hand, in order to appear in searches, you have to have a strong position in the search engines , on the other, to convince the buyer you must have excellent product detail information . Both positioning and product documentation is achieved by generating content of continuous quality and making them known. And this last is achieved in the most efficient way with social networks that direct visitors to the portal or blog of the company. In addition, everything points tothe search engine positioning will go hand in hand with the social , for that the search engine Bing has teamed up with Facebook and Google has released its +1 button. The more you talk about a brand or product on social networks, the higher it will appear on search engines. Related to this, a strong position in search engines guarantees that nobody can attack your brand with ease (the typical entry “X is a scam” that you find on the first page of results when you search for the “X” brand).
  2. To sell, many times a personal contact with a potential buyer is not enough. We 
    1. that we know what is his, that he does not forget us. An email with personalized references to our blog posts or Facebook account can help more than the typical series of calls “interested in your decision”.                                                                                                                        
    2. We are going towards a knowledge economy. Large projects are complex and a single company is increasingly rare that you can tackle them alone. The tendency is to associate with specialists that complement our knowledge. These specialists are often niche micro-companies that are known to their potential clients through Twitter or LinkedIn. The greater the presence of a company in these social networks, more and better partners of this type can know and capture.
    3. Then there is the internal image. The average employee spends 8 hours in front of a computer and his friends can be anywhere in the world. Corporate pride is likely that, nowadays, it is more a good presence in the networks than in a magnificent social headquarters . Our friends walk around the world and do not come to the office for coffee. On the other hand, it is almost certain that they will visit or follow, one way or another, our company in their portal and social accounts. An aligned employee gets projects among his contacts. Currently the exchange of information with these is largely done on LinkedIn, Twitter or even “leisure” networks such as Facebook. If that is the means of our employees, we must also be a company.
    4. The best companies are recruiting professionals on platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or even on their own blogs. Anyone who wants talent, should be there and, in passing, it will save you from studying the 990 CVs that have arrived for your last vacancy because you will have few, but perfectly adjusted to what you are looking for. Another pro social media reason .

    So far, five arguments that I think should make any company think that social networks are not for her. Can you think of one more to choke the next beer for my friend Pedro?

Deconstructing the social media myths

Deconstructing the social media myths

As in the most diverse areas, innovation has its supporters and its critics, and in the field of marketing this is no exception. Social media is, above all, a novel way of marketing, with its particular requirements, dynamics and scope. And while there are those who still look with skepticism on the continuity of this emerging trend, buy youtube views   on the way in which social media has spread and the enthusiasm with which it is cultivated, it would seem that this is a marketing alternative and a new way of communication, which is here to stay.

As an example of the push that social media has charged, it is enough to think of Facebook, the most popular social network on the planet. It has been calculated that if Facebook were a country, this would be the third largest in the world. For this reason, many firms are focusing their promotional activities mainly towards social media and not so much towards traditional marketing procedures.

Change of paradigms

However, there are certain preconceived ideas about social media, which do not always come close to their reality in virtual media. Here we mention some of the most widespread mythsabout social media.

1. Social media directly influences sales achieved

This is inaccurate. The social media does not have to do directly in how many sales can be achieved in a certain period. On the other hand, if it directly influences the increase of followers and the diffusion of campaigns on the Net.Image result for buy youtube views

2. Social media does not require other means of marketing

Again, this is not totally true. Social media is not a complete marketing plan. It is developed through communication between the representative of a firm and clients or potential clients. Therefore, to make the most of it, the social media strategies of a company must be part of a comprehensive business plan.

The need for Social Media

Other considerations that must be taken into account to enter the social media areas properly are the following: social media more than announcing something, communicating it, making it a topic of conversation with a community.

On the other hand, we tend to consider that social media is somewhat expensive in economic terms, however, taking into account the current panorama that has been detailed at the beginning, where social networks have a preponderant role for any project, not counting with a community manager it can be more expensive if the competition has them: it would be to give them a lot of advantage from a business perspective.

Tools to monitor with Google Reader

Tools to monitor with Google Reader

The information has occupied today the place that before had the publicity. Consumers no longer acquire a product simply because they have been told the benefits of it,  buy youtube views   but also do so by understanding that it will be beneficial, influenced by the comments and articles they have read about it.

In this framework, knowing what is said about our brand in the different spaces of the Network, that is, knowing the information and references that are handled from it in blogs, forums and social networks, is capital , if necessary , modify a marketing plan and benefit the development of our projects.

Beneficial tool

At this point, Google Reader , one of the most popular products of the network giant, allows us, combined with other applications and supplements, to know quickly and accurately, the references circulating on the Internet about a business (ours or the competition).

Google Reader is essentially a platform for managing RSS feeds, so it is extremely easy to manage and use as a monitoring tool.

Recommended accessories

The following tools can be used in conjunction with Google Reader, to make more efficient the monitoring that develops around our brand in virtual spaces.Topsy, for example, is a search engine oriented to tweets. It is an excellent means to investigate what is said about a firm or a product. You can channel these results to our email, or much more conveniently, to Google Reader.Image result for buy youtube views

Another valuable resource is itself . A successful procedure is to identify on Twitter the keywords related to the turn of our business, and add this search feed in Google Reader. This way you will have information in real time about everything related to the brand that we manage and act on it immediately.

One more tool, worth mentioning, is PostRank. It does not help us measure the influence of our brand, but instead, the influence of those who mention it on the Net . is an extraordinary addition to our Google Reader, to effectively determine if certain sources of information,

Social media has ceased to be almost exclusive territory of Facebook and Twitter. And although the prevalence of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network or the social relevance of Twitter are still far from being at risk, a recent fact has radically modified the current landscape of social media: the arrival of Google+ , the new commitment to online socialization, by the giant of the Network.

It is time to catch up and reflect on the ways in which Google+ could determine the paths of social media in the medium term.

Collaborative work and video projection

The linking of Google+ and Google Docs, it seems that will establish a new way to guide teamwork. Thanks to the circles system managed by Google+, it will be easier for corporations to share projects in the cloud and, in addition to increasing security in the management of these dynamics.

On the other hand, the popularity of YouTube and the effectiveness of online video, in general, will be enhanced, most likely, with the birth of Google+. And is that this latest social network, for its platform so decanted to the visual, and the alternative offered by the popular “hangouts” (video chat group sessions), seems to be the perfect medium for the growth of online video.

Extensive domain

Another area where Google+ will surely set a trend, against certain social networks that currently thrive in those same fields, is related to geolocation. An application like Latitude, driven by the structure in circles of Google+, can subtract a lot from the success that has today .

The same can happen in the field of automatic translation of content, by combining Google + and . Options like Yahoo Babel Fish, would lose much of their chances of competing in this same area.

Finally, two other points where Google+ has a great opportunity to surpass services of similar focus, are Google+ and Google Sites, at the expense of the Facebook fan pages, due to their greater potential for personalization according to the users’ taste; and on the other hand, the combination of Google+ with Adwords, seems to be a better option for online advertising, than the simple “I like” of Facebook, or the “re-tweet” of Twitter.