Using digital marketing for small businesses to achieve better results in real business is possible when done well. No more theoretical tips. You need to know how to implement Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List in your company and it’s for yesterday!

There are two very important points we need to set out before we even start talking about digital marketing.

Do not expect to do business over the internet if your business does not have a good digital presence. Consumers today are very demanding, and even if you hit them in other ways, it will search for you on the internet. At that moment all your effort can go down. Not having good landing pages for example is something that makes people give up doing business with companies.
Replicating the same content across multiple networks is unlikely to yield results as each channel has its posting specifications. In addition, it may be that from one network to another the content has to be modified as well.

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
It is always good to start any conversation about digital marketing saying that doing business over the internet is possible and the reality of many people a long time. However, it is very important to emphasize that people only do business with companies that are digitally reliable.

This means that if one of the clients indicates their services to another person, complimenting and making a super propaganda of their business and the person does not find you well positioned in the online environment, all the propagating that was done loses the force. You see?

Of course, you do not have to think hard to understand this relationship. You yourself, who are looking for small business marketing content, when you hire an agency to manage your online presence, go get Google and only get in touch with the best positioned. Consequently, those who are on the second page onwards are practically discarded from the options.

To be well positioned on Google, you need a good website
Perhaps today the only way to find your company on the internet is through social networks. No problem. We did a video talking about ad spending on Google and we said that you’d better send your visitors to a good page on Facebook than to a bad site.

It is understood by “bad site” very old websites, which does not have a good version for mobile devices and are also slow to open, for example.

If your company does not already have a website, depending on the market segment it will be difficult for you to achieve results. Some types of audience need to know more about the company and the product before deciding to close the deal. For this the site is fundamental.

On the other hand, some companies and entrepreneurs are able to maintain a business with only social networks. The problem is that centralizing your entire sales channel on a social network can only make you fall victim to that platform’s algorithms.



Have you ever heard that “I do not need anyone to take care of my social networks, have a nephew of mine do it”? Well, do not fall for it! After all, to improve your online business optometrist accurate email list  and make your sales thrive, you need to use marketing strategies that bring results. That’s why it’s so important to hire a qualified team to take care of your online presence. Let’s give you 5 reasons to take your company’s Digital Marketing seriously, take a look:

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to think of a world without internet, without the famous social networks or even without the email – our greater means of communication. So, where do you think your business should be?

optometrist accurate email list

Digital marketing actions make your brand visible and allow you to deliver valuable content to the public. Thus, you gain authority and become a benchmark in your industry.
With digital marketing, you can measure the results of each action. Also draw conclusions about the tastes and desires of your customers. And you can still interact with the public through polls, surveys and comments, creating a close relationship
Investing in digital marketing with top-notch strategies can put you light years ahead of the competition.
Also, the key to keeping your website on the front pages of the major search engines are SEO strategies. And digital marketing companies invest heavily to keep their customers always in the top spots.
As you read, the competition went there and closed a deal with an agency.



An oversight, tracking errors, the absence of a sitemap file. There may be many reasons why your website has not yet appeared on Google (or has stopped appearing). If this is your case  Australia business email database  , pay attention to the following list of reasons why Google does not index your webpage. Probably solve the mystery and get to see your website in the search pages.

If still the reason is not in the list and you discover it later, leave it written in the comments.


1. Your web page does not have a sitemap file

A sitemap.xml file is simply the set of URLs that make up your web page. Although it may seem complicated to build such a file, there are currently plugins that directly create sitemaps and then provide you with the URL of this system (is the case of the famous WordPress SEO plugin Yoast).

Once you have the URL of your sitemap, you must send it to Google through the Google Search Console tool, a tool for webmasters that allows you to track the performance of your website.

2. Google has not had time to index your webpage

It usually happens if you just launched your website. First of all you must make sure you have uploaded the sitemap file. If you have already done so, the best advice we can give you is to wait a few days, giving Google robots time to crawl your site.

Another option is to “force” Google to crawl your site with the  tool  Explore as Google , although they tell you that this method has a response time similar to sending a sitemap.

3. Your website is indexed with a domain that includes or excludes “www”

Google must explain everything clearly. If you do not, you may understand that your domain “” belongs to a different page than “”.

Luckily, the Google Search Console tool allows you to establish a preferred domain (called canonical domain ). To do this, we must first verify the ownership of the two domains, and then decide which is the preferred domain .

4. The robots file blocks certain web pages

Robots.txt is just a file that indicates which pages should be ignored by the “spiders” of search engines. Therefore, we recommend reviewing this file and removing the URLs that are causing an indexing problem. If you do not know completely what the robots.txt file is, we recommend this article .

5. The indexing of the web is blocked (WordPress)

If your website has been created with WordPress, it is possible that you have activated the option to discourage search engines from indexing the site. To discard this option, go to WordPress and go to Settings à Lectura.

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6. Your web has the meta tag “noindex” included in the HTML code

The noindex meta tags complement the Robots.txt files. These tags are included within the “<head>” of a specific page and serve to indicate to the content index spiders that they do not track the pages indicated with this tag.

In this way, the Google robot removes the determined page from the search results. Its appearance would be the following:

<meta name = “robots” content = “noindex”>

In this link you can get more information about the noindex meta tags .

7. The loading speed of your web page is very slow

In an increasingly digitalized world and the introduction of mobile as an indispensable tool for our lives, the speed of web pages has also become very important.

If Google detects that your web page takes too long to load, it will probably penalize it by removing it from the search engines. The Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool gives you clues to the speed of your website .

8. Your website suffers tracking errors

This is easy to check. Once again, Google Search Console will give us the answer; specifically in his report Tracking Errors . If there is a URL that Google has not been able to properly track or that returns an HTTP error code, we will know with this option.

9. The server of your web hosting falls constantly

There are many companies that offer web hosting services, but not all of them give us the results we need. A good hosting provider must ensure that our website will always be available to users, and that it does not collapse even though there are peaks of visits.

If the server of your hosting falls constantly, consider changing the rate or even the provider.

10. Google has penalized you

The excess of publicity, the purchase of links, the copied content … There are many reasons why Google could penalize your website, so always be sure to follow its quality guidelines .

On the other hand, if your website has been penalized, surely Google has already told you the reason. After following your instructions to solve the problem, you can make a request for reconsideration .

11. Your website has duplicate content

Although many times the duplicate content of our web pages has been created inadvertently, Google may think that it is deliberately duplicated to manipulate the positions in the search engines. Find out more about the duplicate content and how to fix it .

12. A misconfiguration of AJAX or JavaScript

Google supports and indexes both formats, but they are more complicated to index than HTML code. Make sure you have AJAX properly configured and crawled correctly .

13. The web site is blocked by the .htaccess file

It is a famous file that allows the administrator of a web page to apply different policies to access specific directories or files. The goal behind this file is to improve security, but it can also be used to block Google bots. We hope that with these tips you will be able to index your website again. If you want to have the help of professionals to help you improve your web positioning, contact our online marketing agency .

Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

Maslow’s needs pyramid applied to Digital Marketing

The Maslow Pyramid is a classic of Marketing, but do you really know its meaning? Today we tell you what it is and how to use this theory in your Online Marketing strategy. The idea is to help you better know your target audience to differentiate yourself, segment well and plan your content much better. Founder Email Database

estibaliz the rizos2 Hello, I’m Estibaliz. Today I collaborate on the blog to tell you about the Maslow Pyramid that you surely know but not adapted to social networks. I hope it helps you and that you can apply the tips to your online strategy.

The Maslow Pyramid is named for its creator, Abraham Maslow and to define his idea was inspired by his work “A theory of human motivation” in 1934. His theory is based on organizing from the bottom up the rational needs of the consumer, that is, you can see how a person prioritizes the needs you have to get to feel fulfilled. That’s where its importance lies.Founder Email Database

And what role do companies, bloggers and Community Managers play in all this? Well, brands must meet the needs of people and for that they must know better those needs and how a person prioritizes them. Thanks to this we can establish very defined strategies to reach the customer.

Ecommerce SolutionsDebate and Maslow’s Pyramid:
Do needs exist or are created?
It is obvious that the needs already exist, we all have needs to satisfy, whether you are a person or a company, but the truth is that with the technological and social development, I think there are needs that have been created in some way.

How many things do we buy ourselves by letting ourselves be carried away by a “whim”? Did you really need that ipod when you have an MP4 where to listen to your music? Did you need to have 3 or 4 sports of the same brand but of a different color? Do you need to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant 3 or 4 times a week? I do not think so.

Speaking from my own experience, I have bought many things that I do not need, that do not satisfy any of the phases that make up the Maslow Pyramid but that calm my desire for consumerism. I think this, to a greater or lesser extent, happens to all of us, right?

Do all brands know how to create needs?
The reality is that no and the market, full of supply and demand, teaches us that you must be very good at creating a supposed need to someone.

maslow pyramid cosumismoEso yes, some brands have achieved it and it works like a charm. Nintendo, Samsung, Mc Donals, Amazon, Coca Cola, Inditex … have made people move from consuming them out of necessity, to consume them capriciously in an excessive way.

See the case of Apple in the world. Do you really need to have the new iphone that you take out every year? What need satisfies that you buy an iphone by season? Any. And feeling “cool” does not fall within the needs organized by The Pyramid of Maslow.

Real needs vs purchase impulse
A brand must know well what are the real needs of a person and what are simply mere whims that arise from the crazy feeling of consuming a brand that has renown and status, which is known as “desire for possession”.

In fact, the brand “does not care” why they consume it, whether it is by caprice or by necessity, what interests them is that they buy it. But it is very important to distinguish any of these cases because it will not be the same strategy that leads to a product designed to satisfy a need, than another destined to awaken that impulse “crazy” purchase.

ASbout news service from Responsive Guide: adapt 100% your website to mobile devices

ASbout news service from Responsive Guide: adapt 100% your website to mobile devices

Today I bring you a guide where I will explain the most important aspects to have a responsive website. I’m going to review the most relevant things you have to take into account so that your website is perfectly adapted to mobile devices, basic to offer a correct user experience. email list I also bring you a list of tips that you should not overlook if you want to leave resolved to the last detail on your website.Image result for email list I

17 8Benefits of having a Responsive website. Statistics and data.
1. Increase in mobile use
The increase of the time of the daily use of mobile devices is increasing year after year.
7 out of 10 people connect every day through their mobile phone for more than thirty minutes.
90% of users connect all or almost every day to the internet from their mobile phones.
70% of people look at their mobile phone during the first half hour after waking up.
The use of SMS has declined, but the use of instant messaging apps continues to increase.
In 2020 mobile phones will be responsible for 80% of banking operations.
The number of people who buy on the internet through a mobile device increases year after year.
7 out of 10 people connect every day through their mobile for more than 30 minutes
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2. Usability and user experience
The navigation from mobile devices is increasing, that’s why it is important to have an optimized web, that adapts and is usable in all the devices. This way you will be improving the user experience on your website. In this post you can see what usability is and how to improve it.

3. Beneficial for SEO
Having a responsive web will allow you to cover a greater range of devices from which they will be able to find you when they search on Google, so you can capture more traffic to your website.

Increase your conversion rate: Users feel more secure to buy a product from a mobile-friendly website.
Easier to optimize: The url is the same for the mobile version as for the desktop version, so you should only optimize the content for SEO once. You will save in time and money.

50 best WordPress plugins in 2019

50 best WordPress plugins in 2019

How to install plugins in WordPress

There are 3 ways to install plugins in WordPress and I describe them below:

1.- Performing a search from our WordPress.

upload wordpress plugin

2.- Uploading a WordPress plugin that we have previously downloaded.

If you look at the previous capture, at the top you have a “Upload plugin” button, which will allow you to upload a plugin you have previously downloaded to your WordPress. Remember to only download wordpress plugins from official and contrasted sites and thus avoid taking a bad experience.

3.- Through ftp.

I recommend you use Filezilla, it’s a free program and you can upload a plugin to your WordPress with just drag. There is another way a little more professional, which is using the ftp of our hosting and zip all the plugins folders and then decompress it, so we can upload many plugins in a few seconds.

Breaking myths about WordPress plugins

One of the most repeated myths and errors in a blog is to think that we should install a small number of WordPress plugins to ensure a very fast upload speed, but it is NOT true. This is so because each plugin has a different loading speed Poland B2B Email Lists, being able to be a plugin slower than the sum of 10 plugins, or for example that we have the bad luck to choose a plugin that is not well programmed and has an error that generates a infinite loop, which can cause the loading speed to be reduced. In my case, I use 32 WordPress plugins, you heard correctly, 32, you can see it in the following image capture that I just made of my Blog .

plugins wordpress blog

To show you this, what I have done is to test my blog’s upload speed to see how it affects the one with 32 plugins installed.

speed upload blog

As you can see in the image, the page speed of the Blog is 87/100, a score that is highly optimized and that has a clear impact on a better web positioning of the entire Blog.

Good practices about WordPress plugins

1.- Never install a plugin that has not been updated for a long time

If you install WordPress plugins that have not been updated for a long time, you will be generating a security problem, since we do not know for sure if the plugin has any vulnerability that some malicious person can access to our Blog.

2.- Always update to the latest version

We must always have updated the version of each and every one of our plugins, but before updating a plugin always remember to make a backup, so that in case of problem or incompatibility, you can undo the change.

3.- Update the plugins always one by one

It is always convenient to install wordpress plugins one at a time so that in case of failure or incompatibility it is much easier to identify the cause or the cause.

4.- Do not install plugins that you have not downloaded from official or trusted sites

At present, and although it is very sad for the blogger world, thousands of altered plugins circulate on the Internet and contain malicious scripts, with the aim of opening a back door to the person who created the malware, and to be able to access and make the changes that you want in your Blog, as if it were the administrator itself.

5.- It correctly configures all the plugins

The vast majority of plugins need us to devote a few minutes to configure it correctly, so do not fall into the error of thinking that installing and activating the word press plugin is all done. Now we start with the list of the best plugins so you can get the most out of your WordPress Blog.

Best WordPress Plugins 2019

Best plugins for WordPress for SEO

yoo seoWordPress SEO by Yoast

It is the most essential and basic wordpress plugin for any Blog , as well as one could say that it is a multi-plugin, since there are many plugins in one.

This plugin serves mainly so that we can edit the HTML tags for the SEO On Page of each of the pages of the web. Yoast SEO will also provide us with a series of tips related to the SEO On Page of each of the pages, as well as creating the sitemap of the web and others.


  • Optimization On Page.
  • Legibility of contents.
  • Configuring robots.txt


related postRelated Post for WordPress

This plugin will allow you to add a bar at the bottom of each article with related posts, with the aim of increasing visits and improving SEO .

It is WordPress plugin very easy to set up and start up , you just have to decide the visual aspect and the number of related post that you want to show Online Shopping.