Email Marketing Toronto

Email Marketing Toronto

Back in the late 90’s something crazy happened, well before most people had thought about how to build email lists. Relatively ordinary people were starting up dot com businesses and some of them even became ‘dot com millionaires’. Becoming a millionaire from anything related to the internet, for theĀ email marketing toronto ordinary person was something pretty much previously unheard of. It sounded easy, people started buying up tech stocks and before long the stock prices shot through the roof and even more millionaires were created for those clever enough to cash in their chips.

Of course, one day the party had to end and eventually it did. Stock prices crashed and those that hung onto those stocks lost some or all of their profits. Some even made a loss. Despite all that you still heard stories about people making thousands of dollars using the internet working for tiny amounts of time each day. You saw stories of people standing outside a mansion, sipping Pina coladas in the sunshine and thought how much you would like to live a life like that.

How do you think these internet marketers make so much money in such a short space of time? How do you think they afford to pay off their mortgages, buy fancy cars and life amazing lifestyles? Well, they employ leverage. What do I mean by that? Well, they leverage other people’s efforts and they build assets. The main asset marketers would never let go of, even if you paid them, is their email list. You could take away their car or even their house but one thing they would not give up is their list. Why? Because with their mailing list they can create cash on demand.

Imagine having 5,000, 10,000 or possibly even more people on a list. Imagine, if you will, typing out an email and then instantly sending it out to all these people in one go. You’re providing them with great content and useful information so naturally they are going to be interested in what you have to say. Some of these people will see what you are recommending and if it is right for them they will buy what you have to offer or what you are promoting. It’s truly a win/win situation and it’s a way to make big money online once you’ve established those relationships and built trust with the people you have on your list.Canada Business Email Lists

You can do this. You can build your own email list by offering something of value to your subscribers. This can be anything from a special report to a newsletter where you offer valuable tips and advice to the people that sign up. The tech bubble may have ended a number of years ago but the prospect of becoming a dot com millionaire is still more than possible. Take action and the results will follow.