Free Canadian Email Address

Free Canadian Email Address

You’ve probably seen them. The little boxes tucked away on many websites that invite you share your name and email address with the site owner in exchange for special gifts or updated information on the subject your perusing. Sometimes the invitations are not so subtle – you can also findĀ free canadian email address entire web pages dedicated to getting your email address in exchange for some sort of exclusive deal. This is not an entirely altruistic endeavor. The people behind this information collection process have a definite end in mind, and it involves money.

The underlying theory behind collecting an email address is that when you’re in contact with someone more than once there is a much better chance they will actually purchase something from you. That’s why some online business owners will forgo upfront selling altogether and focus solely on building up an email list. This is especially common in the realm of high dollar transactions such as professional consulting or business coaching.

In other cases, such as with an eCommerce site that might sell coffee mugs or other inexpensive items, they will ask people who purchase their products to join their email list for future specials or other bonuses. Experience with these methods shows that people who buy from you once will be more likely to buy from you again, especially if you continue to deliver information to them by email that they find useful.

This correlation is so strong that as businesses get larger and can invest in the technology they will subdivide their email lists into people who have purchased products from them and those who have not. This gets done automatically, and the two groups will receive different messages based on the fact that one group has purchased and the other has not purchased yet.

If you have a line of related products that you want to offer to a targeted market, one effective option would be for you to create a page on your website that offers a special gift in exchange for their email address. This gift needs to be something they can receive right away, such as a downloadable report, a course delivered by email, or access to a members area. That should be the focus of this one page and much of your marketing effort should be focused on getting people to this page and opting in.Canada Business Email Lists

Once you have their contact information you need to be sure and treat their email inbox with respect. Do not just start sending offer after offer. Instead, send several messages of useful information without making a sales offer. After several messages of pure content you may make an offer where they may spend money with you. You repeat this process and you will continue to build trust and loyalty with these customers. It’s much more effective than just trying to sell them product the first time they reach your web site.