How to Find anEmail Address in Canada

How to Find anEmail Address in Canada

Getting qualified traffic to your opt in page is what you want when you build a email list. You can get this traffic in a lot of different ways, and as long as it’s qualified and targeted traffic, one isn’t necessarily better than another. Because most methods are effective, you’ll generally find the best return on your efforts if you employ as many different strategies as possible.

There are a lot of traditional and conventional traffic driving strategies out there that work great for direct email marketing, but you’ll do even better if you incorporate some unconventional strategies into your marketing plan. One great, somewhat unconventional, strategy to incorporate How to Find anEmail Address in Canada build a email list is using solo ads.

Solo ads work a lot like a type of advertising I mentioned in a previous post called Ezine advertising, and are one of the best email marketing solutions you’ll ever find. Basically, in that method you would find someone with a large opt in email marketing list, and you would purchase advertising space in their newsletter, so that when they send out their newsletter to their list everyone who reads it will see your advertisement.

Now, solo ads work a lot like this. With solo ads you are also going to go out and find someone who has a big list and a successful newsletter in your niche and market. You’re also going to be paying them to send out information about your offer to their list.

Once again, you’re going to find a lot more success mailing out your offer to buy ad space to lists belonging to individuals than you will mailing out your offer to mailing services.

In my opinion, solo ads are probably the easiest way to quickly build a list. Now, they do cost some money upfront, but the rewards for your opt in email marketing are definitely worth it. Like I’ve said before, I test and track everything, and recently I put out a solo ad that made me back my money that night- and added a sizeable amount of new followers and reoccurring income month after month after month. You do need to put a chunk of money down upfront, but this is one of those email marketing solutions worth investing in. It’s my opinion that solo ads are probably going to be the best investments that you make.Canada Business Email Lists

Always be on the lookout for lists that are in your niche that are going to have different people to market to. I always talk with the people whom I buy ad space from, and I’ve been able to find alternate lists of people in the same niche by just asking, and I’ve happily advertised in them as well. I suggest you always be on look out to new lists to market to for your direct email marketing, and that you put invest in these ads every chance that you get. You know, provided you want to build a email list as quickly as possible.