Mailing Lists Canada

Mailing Lists Canada

One of the first things you will hear when starting out in Internet Marketing is ‘the money’s in the list’. Yes, that’s right folks, the money is in the list, and this will hold true for any business online. No matter whether you are selling information products or designer jewelry; you will not have mailing lists canada much long-term success in online sales without having the email list to sell to.

You see, part of the problem with marketing a product online is that people are very easily distracted from making the purchase at the time they view the item. They can be pulled away by something in their immediate surroundings; the kids need feeding or the cat needs letting out. They may be just browsing, gathering prices on products to make a decision at a later time. Or they may just stumble across your product out of curiosity, but need time to think about whether what you are offering gives them value for money. In any of the above situations, quite often once that person is gone they are gone for good. To even be able to entice them into making a decision about coming back to your product they will need reminding. They will need reminding that your product is there and that what you are offering them is the best value around from a supplier they can trust.

One of the most powerful ways of getting this message across is through email. Now email marketing quite often gets a bad wrap because of one word; Spam. People hate it. Unsolicited emails filling up people’s in-boxes with unwanted offers. Offers for all manner things, both vulgar and useless. However an email list of subscribers is an altogether different ballpark. These are people that have ‘opted-in’ to your list. They made a conscious decision to join and they can unsubscribe at any time.

It’s a powerful concept; an ‘opt-in’ email list is by its very nature invitation only and the people on that list will read your emails because they choose to. Once they see an offer they like, they will buy because they can do so in their own time. People do not like being told what to do, they like to make the choice to buy and on their own accord. Once you give people this power they will come to trust you and accept you as a ‘value provider’. Once you have this trust, you have established a relationship and this goes a long way in the hard-sell world of advertising that people are so used to.Canada Consumer Email List

Of course there are certain ways to market to people when using email, i.e. by not being too constant with your reminders. To try and offer them something of value when you do mail them and of course to never pass their details on to another party without their consent. But by following these basic guidelines you will build a list that trusts you and even looks forward to the next email they receive, knowing it will provide them with something of value.